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Staff at the Stuart Career Management Center can assist students in finding and applying for internships.

Internship Forms and Timeline

  • An internship is a one-semester employment commitment with one employer
  • Internships can be for-credit or non-credit. For-credit internships can either be part time (20 hours or less) or full time (more than 20 hours) as long as students register for them before the add-drop deadline. Non-credit internships can only be part-time (20 hours or less)
  • Please note: you have to be enrolled in full-time academic coursework by the add/drop date to maintain your F-1 status. You are required to register for at least one in-person course each semester if you would like to participate in for-credit internships and ensure that you meet the full time enrollment requirements
  • Review the Internship Authorization Packets for master’s students or for Ph.D. and undergraduate students:
  • All students who participate in an internship are required to submit these two forms at the end of each internship term:
  • View a timeline for internships:

Internship Information for International Students

  • If you are on a F-1 visa, you are eligible to work under Curricular Practical Training (CPT) after you have completed two full terms of study.
  • If you are a transfer student or have completed another degree from a United States institution other than Illinois Tech, you must complete at least nine credit hours at Illinois Tech before participating in CPT.
  • Students are required to complete the CPT online training on Blackboard (under Organization) before applying for CPT.
  • Visit the Office of Global Services website for additional information.


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