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Liad Wagman

Stuart School of Business is a leader in bridging technology and business, offering distinctive education that trains students to become leading professionals in management, public administration, finance, operations, analytics, economics, marketing, and business.

Illinois Tech and Stuart have a prestigious history of pioneering business education programs over the past 125 years, including some of the nation’s first courses in family and consumer science and the world’s first postgraduate master’s program in quantitative finance, which established quantitative finance as an academic discipline. Throughout, Stuart has prioritized close ties to the business community and a focus on students’ career success.

Chicago’s business community is known for its spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the city’s status as a global market leader in economics, finance, marketing, and sustainable enterprise is reflected in Stuart’s academic programs.

  • Our programs embrace technology, rigor, and interdisciplinary learning
  • Our curricula are dynamically designed and continuously evolve to meet business innovation and employers’ needs
  • Our learning environment offers smaller class sizes and a place to form lifelong relationships with peers, faculty, and industry stakeholders
  • Our students regularly apply their learning through hands-on experiences such as internships, competitions, and industry-relevant research
  • Our graduates’ placements are outstanding, thanks in large part to our business ties

We are committed to graduating students who are equipped with expert knowledge and possess the interpersonal skills and professional experiences that are critical to their future success and to being extraordinary members of their communities.

I encourage you to learn more about our academic programs and to engage with our outstanding faculty and staff and the vibrant Stuart community.


Liad Wagman
John and Mae Calamos Dean Endowed Chair
Professor of Economics

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Learning at the Speed of Business

As the only business school in Chicago that is within a tech-focused university, Stuart School of Business has put its distinctive mark on business education.

Explore our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, plus certificate programs for busy professionals.


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