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The Stuart School of Business relies on the generous support of alumni and friends in financing education and research initiatives for undergraduate and graduate business students. Stuart's programs provide students with agility, adaptability, and the analytical tools that place them on a fast track to success.

From new programs and partnerships to the advancement of student outcomes, your support will make a tangible impact across campus and beyond.

Create even more accessibility
You can help provide the competitive scholarships and robust financial aid that brings talented students to Stuart. Further, your investment can facilitate more collaborative partnerships with high schools and other institutions serving underrepresented communities nationwide, allowing hardworking students from across the country to benefit from our forward-looking approach.

Grow the Stuart edge
You can help build robust research and academic programs that delve into the most pressing, cutting-edge issues at the interface of business and technology.

Fuel more opportunity
Your investment helps expand top-tier internship and job placement programs that give students the hands-on experiences invaluable in fostering successful career paths.

Continuously enhance our high-touch environment
Your investment will help recruit and retain talented, experienced professors committed to fostering mentorships with our students.

Stuart is driven by innovation as a direct reflection of being situated within Illinois Tech and Chicago’s thriving business community. We approach core academic domains with a demand-driven, forward-looking mindset. Your gift helps ensure that Stuart will continue to provide state-of-the-art programs for aspiring business leaders of tomorrow.

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