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Stuart School of Business is a research community that engages in rigorous, relevant, and interdisciplinary academic and practice-oriented research.

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Collaborative research is valued at the Stuart School, as faculty work closely with colleagues and graduate students at Stuart, as well as faculty throughout Illinois Tech and at other institutions, to create knowledge across a wide range of topics in business.

This research is frequently published in top-tier scholarly journals, such as the International Journal of Finance, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Applied Psychology, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Journal of Banking and Finance, and many more.

The school’s Friday Research Presentations series during the academic year showcases the breadth of research by Stuart faculty and students.

Sang Baum Kang

Research Experiences That Launch Careers

From research papers published in top scholarly journals to capstone and independent study projects to participating in world-class business competitions, students at Stuart School of Business are mentored by faculty and engage in research experiences that can advance their career goals.

Student Research
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Tools for Research

The Stuart School provides the latest software and subscriptions to major business databases to support research and analysis by faculty and students.

The school’s Financial Markets Research Lab is designed to foster collaboration among students and features 10 individual dual-monitor Bloomberg workstations and two large wall-mounted monitors that allow screen sharing.

Smriti Anand

Exploring a Path Toward a More Diverse Workforce

Research on idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) by Associate Professor of Management Smriti Anand shows how companies can use customized work arrangements in attracting and retaining a diverse, engaged workforce. Read about her research project. Learn more about faculty research at Stuart.

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