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Student Research

Developing Research Skills That Advance Career Goals

Research is embedded throughout the undergraduate and graduate curriculum at Stuart School of Business. Whether students' interests are oriented toward industry, entrepreneurship, the public and nonprofit sectors, or academia, Stuart provides a wide range of opportunities for them to develop research skills that can advance their career goals. With faculty as mentors, students can engage in:

  • Graduate thesis and capstone projects
  • Scholarly research papers and presentations at academic conferences
  • Independent study projects
  • Group projects for courses
  • National and international business competitions, in which students conduct in-depth research in areas such as equity valuation and portfolio management

Recent Publications, Presentations, and Projects

Here are some examples of current Stuart students and recent graduates who have collaborated with faculty on research projects.

Catherine Sanchez

Capstone Project Becomes Blueprint for Innovation

Catherine Sanchez (M.P.A. ’17) was a veteran Chicago police officer when she went back to school part-time for a master’s at Stuart. For her capstone project she researched and developed a new crisis intervention model to guide police interactions with people with mental illness. Now she is leading the way to pilot the model at the Chicago Police Department.

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