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Welcome to Stuart School of Business

Your First Step: Stuart Preterm

Congratulations on your admission to the Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology—Chicago’s only technology-focused business school.

Everyone at Stuart is committed to creating well-rounded leaders who are not only armed with expert academic knowledge, but who also possess the interpersonal skills and professional experiences that are critical to academic and career success.

Our Preterm Academic and Career Essentials Program (Preterm) is an important first step that provides an interactive, purposeful, and relevant orientation experience for all new Stuart School graduate students.

During Stuart Preterm, new students will:

  • Interact with faculty, staff, alumni, current students, and other new students
  • Actively practice the competencies necessary for academic and professional success
  • Address acclimation needs and academic and administrative requirements
  • Begin preparations for their careers after graduation

Participation in Stuart Preterm and Illinois Tech Graduate Orientation (GO) is required for all students (domestic, international, full- and part-time). These new student orientation activities are summarized below. Some information will be coming soon. Click to learn more.

  • New Student Checklist—Complete as soon as possible
  • Stuart Preterm—Online—Syllabus (Blackboard access required)
  • Stuart Preterm and Graduate Orientation Week—January 3–6, 2023, see syllabus for details

New students are strongly encouraged to finish the preparatory items by Sunday, December 11, and access online material posted in Blackboard after it becomes available on Monday, December 12. Doing so will allow new students to focus on the social aspects of the program once Preterm events begin. Click below to begin.

Prepare for Spring 2023 Preterm

Stuart School of Business

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