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Stuart Board of Advisors Mentoring Program

Members of the Stuart School of Business Board of Advisors, who are executives at a wide range of Chicago businesses, provide personalized mentoring to Stuart students through this program. Mentees are selected for year-long mentorships through an application process. For more information or to apply for the program, interested students may contact

Read about the experiences of several former students in this mentorship program.

Edward Paros
Edward Paros

Business Administration/M.S. Finance ’21
Mentor: Kurt Estes, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Development, Sikich Investment Banking

“A memorable piece of advice that Kurt Estes gave me is that I should focus not only on the technical expertise required by the hiring companies, but also on the social aspect of the work environment. Creating connections and meaningful relationships within the company that I will end up working for was something that I hadn’t put too much thought into, and he emphasized that doing so is almost as important as doing the job well.”

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Yuvraj Johri
Yuvraj Johri

M.S. Marketing Analytics ’20
Mentor: Rosemarie Mitchell, Retired CEO, ABS Associates, Inc.

“Mentoring under Rosemarie Mitchell was very beneficial for me. Apart from getting an understanding of the corporate environment from an insider’s point of view, I also came to understand what she looked for when hiring employees for her own organization. My entire resume was overhauled with every single aspect scrutinized. Our regular meetings over lunch and dinner helped me to strategize and rethink some of my approaches to organizations in terms of job applications.”

Anthony Thurston
Photo of Thurston and Clark

Business Administration/M.S. Finance ’15
Mentor: Frank M. Clark III, Managing Partner, Centurion Enterprises Group

“Frank Clark really gave me insight into working in a corporate setting that I had never heard before. He was willing to talk to me about anything—from school to sports. He even invited me to his home to meet his family. For students, this program can give you the opportunity to quickly expand your professional network with successful alumni from Stuart.”

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