Student Accounting

Sample Employer Letter for Tuition Deferment

This letter must be submitted on company letterhead.

Mail letter to:
Illinois Institute of Technology
IIT Student Accounting
ATTN: Tuition Deferment
3424 South State Street
Tech Central, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60616

This letter is to support (student)'s application for IIT's Deferred Tuition Plan. (Student) is eligible for (employer name) tuition reimbursement plan.

This plan provides for (percent) reimbursement of tuition for courses taken by our employees. The timeframe for reimbursing students is (weeks) following the successful completion of the course.

To qualify for reimbursement, the student must receive a (minimum grade) or better in the course. As an employer, we recognize the value of this program and its benefits to our employees. Should the student not fulfill the requirements to qualify for tuition reimbursement, we recognize his/her responsibility to pay this deferred tuition personally.

If you have any questions, the tuition reimbursement officer at this facility is (name), who may be reached at (phone).


(name, title)

cc: Student