Student Accounting

Current Stuart School of Business

Tuition Rates 2023-2024

Stuart School of Business  
Per credit hour $1,712

Mandatory Fees

Per semester

Activity Fee
  Full-time Grad $125
  Part-time Grad $50 / per course
Student Service Fee
  New Full time (Entering 2023 Summer) $750
  New Part time (Entering 2023 Summer) $300
  Full time (Summer 2010 - Spring 2023) $530
  Part time (Summer 2010 - Spring 2023) $190
Professional Co-Curricular Fee
  Full time $125
  Part time $65
Opt-In UPass Fee $155

Per year (billed during Fall semester)

Health Insurance $2286
For information about waivers and partial year pricing click here

Other Fees

Graduation Application Fee (Admitted Summer 2010 - Summer 2023) $200
Late Graduation Application Fee $110
New Student Fee (Admitted Summer 2010 - Spring 2023)  
  Full time $250
  Part time $75
Housing and Meal Plans View Housing and Food Rates
Parking View Rates
Application Fee $75
Admissions Deposit (Starting Fall 2023) $300 
UMII Scholarship Fee (opt-in) $4.50

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.

*Rate applies to any course taken by a student of Stuart School of Business and to Stuart courses taken by students in other programs.