Student Accounting

Mandatory and Other Fees

Activity Fee

The student activity fee is a mandatory fee that assists programs directly related to campus activities in conjunction with student organizations. The use and allocation of this fee is handled directly by students via the Finance Board, with accountability to the Student Government Association. This fee supports student organizations' operational, programming, and conference budgets as well as large-scale campus events.

Co-Curricular Fee

The Co-curricular Fee is a mandatory fee assessed to all IIT Stuart students in the fall and spring semesters. The fee supports co-curricular programs that enhance students' academic experience and increase their career readiness.

Graduate Continuation Studies Fee

All graduate students must register for a course during the semester of graduation. This is advised throughout the graduate degree program, when the application for graduation is submitted online, and again when the degree audit results are provided to the student by email. Failure by the student to complete this requirement results in administrative registration and the automatic charge of the graduate continuing student course fee before the degree is conferred. The course fee will not be waived. The policy regarding registration in the semester of graduation is published in each Graduate Bulletin: If you have questions about this fee, you can reach out to the Graduate College directly at or 312-567-3024.

Graduation Fee

The mandatory graduation fee is intended to cover all administrative costs associated with the application, checkout, posting, and degree reporting processes. This fee is administered by the Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Affairs offices. Students who submit an application for graduation late will be assessed a late graduation fee.

New Student Fee

The first-year student fee is a mandatory one-time fee assessed to all new students. The fee covers the new-student orientation program provided at the beginning of each semester and funds first-year student programs.

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is assessed to all domestic students enrolled in at least one billable hour and have not provided adequate proof of insurance information to Student Health Services by the waiver deadline. Health insurance is mandatory for all international students on an F1 or J1 visa for every term the student is enrolled in at least one billable hour. Information about this fee can be found on the student health and wellness website: Student Health Services website.

Student Service Fee

The student service fee is a mandatory fee that supports many on-campus departments such as Athletics, Paul V. Galvin Library, Career Services, Technology Services and the Student Health and Wellness Center.

U-Pass Fee

Illinois Tech is a participating school in the Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA) University Pass (U-Pass) Program. The program is intended to offer convenient, reduced-cost transportation to students, supporting accessibility to school and the Chicago metropolitan area with unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains throughout the duration of an academic term. To facilitate UPass entitlements, Ventra cards will be issued to participating students. Ventra cards are intended to last through the full duration of a student's enrollment with Illinois Tech.

UPass entitlements are not valid between academic terms. Ventra card holders are expected to add value to their transit accounts for bus and train rides during those times. Ventra UPass card holders may also add value for trips with friends and family. On those occasions, the first ride will be applied to their UPass. The additional rides on that trip will be applied as full regular fare to the transit account. In the event additional rides results in a negative balance, the student is expected to add value to resume use of their UPass.

Effective Fall 2023, optional enrollment for the UPass Program will continue indefinitely. Additionally, CTA has expanded UPass eligibility to include part-time students registered for 6 credit hours or more per semester. Undergraduate and Graduate students may opt-in for the UPass AFTER they are registered for 6 billable academic hours.

Deferment Plan Fee

A deferment plan fee is assessed to any student that chooses to enroll in the tuition deferment program offered by IIT during the open registration dates.

Late Fee

Late fees are assessed to delinquent student accounts at a rate of 2% per month. Students who enroll in a payment plan and make their payments after the due date are assessed a monthly late fee.

Late Registration Fee

Students should register at their earliest opportunity. Those who register late may be required to pay a late registration fee to do so. Information about registration periods including late registration can be found in the Course Schedule.

Payment Plan Fee

A payment plan fee is assessed to any student that chooses to enroll in a formal payment plan offered by IIT during the open registration dates.

Returned Check Fee

Each time a check or electronic check is returned as unpayable by the bank for insufficient funds, invalid routing and/or account information, stop payment, or any other reason, the payee is assessed a returned check fee.

UMII Scholarship Fee (opt-in)

The United Minds Inspiring Innovation (UMII) scholarship fee supports an application-based scholarship for undergraduate undocumented students who are ineligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA). This opt-in scholarship fee was passed through an SGA referendum proposed to undergraduate students in the spring 2016 elections. If you wish to donate more to this initiative, please visit the UMII Scholarship donation. This fee is presented through Manage My Account every time any student/authorized user makes a payment. All donations are tax-deductible.

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.