Tuition Rates 2022–2023

 Full Time (12–24 credits)
Per Semester
Part Time (fewer than 12 credits)
Per Credit
Admitted Summer 2021-Spring 2022$24,335$1,520
Admitted Summer 2020-Spring 2021$24,335$1,520
Admitted Summer 2019-Spring 2020$24,335$1,520
Admitted Summer 2018-Spring 2019$24,191$1,512
Admitted Summer 2017-Spring 2018$24,191$1,512
Admitted Summer 2016-Spring 2017$24,191$1,512
Admitted Summer 2015-Spring 2016$23,943$1,497
Admitted Summer 2013–Spring 2015$23,700$1,483
Admitted Summer 2012–Spring 2013$23,532$1,470
Admitted Summer 2011–Spring 2012$23,096$1,443
Admitted Summer 2010–Spring 2011$22,682$1,418
Admitted Spring 2010 and Prior$21,867$1,366
Summer Courses (Summer 2023)---$1,646
Short Courses---$1,900

Mandatory Fees

Per Semester

Activity Fee »
 Full time$125
 Part time$40/course
Student Service Fee »
 Full time$530
 Part time$190
Course FeesView Rates
UPass Fee »$155

Per Year (billed during fall semester)

Health Insurance »$2,072
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Other Fees

Graduation Application Fee »$200
Late Graduation Application Fee »$105
Credit By Proficiency Exam$250/credit hour
New Student Fee »$350
Housing and Meal PlansView Housing and Food Rates
ParkingView Rates
Undergraduate Admissions Deposit$300

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.