Clinton E. Stryker (1897–1990)

Clinton E. Stryker graduated from Armour Institute of Technology (the predecessor of the Illinois Institute of Technology) in 1917 with a degree in electrical engineering. Once an associate professor in the electrical engineering department at Armour, he later became president and director of Maysteel Products and Industrial Equipment, and president of Maypro, Inc.

Stryker was an active and enthusiastic champion of Illinois Tech from the time he graduated. His three terms on the Board of Trustees and his spirited leadership in various alumni clubs and fund drives earned him the prestigious Alumni Medal in 1968.

A firm believer in encouraging students to broaden their outlook and develop leadership skills, Stryker in 1972 established an endowment and subsequently made additional gifts to assist the university in funding student activities and inspiring leadership development. Since 1976 the Clinton E. Stryker Distinguished Service Awards have been presented at an annual spring dinner to those students, and occasionally others, who have made outstanding contributions to student life.


This award is presented each year to 15-25 full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Nominees must at least have a 2.5 cumulative grade-point average and be in good standing. Nominees must have made a distinguished contribution to campus life.

A student may qualify by contribution through services to a particular organization or team, by the performance of duties as an officer in a student organization, enhancing the activities of an organization or team, and/or enrichment of the Illinois Tech residential community. The student may qualify by contributing to a major campus event. The student may qualify through consistent support, encouragement, and guidance to a range of organizations or activities. The student may also qualify through other distinguished service not listed above. Please let your nominee know they will need to submit a Student Activities Transcript.


Nominations for the 23-24 academic year will open in January. More information will be posted soon! 


Congratulations to the 2023 Service & Leadership Award Recipients! 

2023 Stryker Recipients



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Richard A Babcock Leadership Award

Angela Petrone


Outstanding First Year Involvement

Yasha Srinivas


Outstanding Student Organization

Black Student Union


Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

Dr. Erdal Oruklu


Outstanding Commitment to Service

Jalen Lomax

Outstanding Teaching Assistant of the Year

Kurt Ordillas


Clinton E. Stryker Distinguished Service Award

Alison Yurchak

Angela Petrone

Barien Gad

Dabel Obikili

Estevan Rivera

Greta Vasiliauskaite

Jacklyn McAninch

Jake Black

Jalen Lomax

King Ankobea-Ansah

Luiza Martines

Marilyn Flowers

Mohammed Wasim R.D.

Tukesha Hill

Willa Vigneault

Yasha Srinivas