Undergraduate Education Programs

Energy/ Environment/ Economics (E3)

Armour College of Engineering offers the Minor in Energy/Environment/Economics (E3) for students to examine foundational coursework that connects the environment, energy, and natural resources. Students will be exposed to a comprehensive approach to the resolution of resource, technical, economic, strategic, environmental, and sociopolitical and geopolitical problems of the energy industries.

Environmental Engineering

Armour College of Engineering offers the Minor in Environmental Engineering for students who have an interest in incorporating environmental best practices into their careers. The environmental engineering minor will prepare students with the skills and knowledge to integrate a focus in environmental engineering within their degree program and professional career.

Graduate Education Programs

Electricity Markets

Illinois Tech’s Master of Electricity Markets degree program combines courses from graduate programs in electrical engineering and finance to address the changing needs of the electric power industry. Electricity is traded as a commodity in financial markets, which affects the way electric power grids are controlled and operated, and restructuring of electricity delivery brings major changes to the electric power industry. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Illinois Tech’s Stuart School of Business have teamed up to offer graduate-level coursework in electricity suitable for electric power engineers, preparing students to understand both the technical and business side of such changes.

Energy/ Environment/ Economics (E3)

The Energy/Environment/Economics (E3) Program provides an interdisciplinary specialization spanning 11 master of science, master of engineering, and Ph.D. engineering programs.  Illinois Tech's E3 program was developed to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the energy industry by providing the interdisciplinary research and training required to produce a new breed of engineer—one who specializes in energy technologies and also understands the associated environmental issues and economic forces that drive technology choice.

Environmental Engineering

Armour College of Engineering offers the master of science, master of engineering, and Ph.D. degree programs in environmental engineering to enable students to build a strong foundation in multiple areas of environmental engineering and to specialize in one area via research and thesis. Areas of specialization include air resources; earthquake and wind engineering; energy/environment/economics (E3); energy systems, energy conservation, and buildings; hazardous waste engineering; indoor air quality; and water and wastewater treatment.

Power Engineering

Illinois Tech’s Master of Power Engineering degree program is designed to prepare students for leading-edge positions in industry through the areas of electric power, power electronics, motor drives, and electric machines. The professional science master’s (M.A.S.) degree program in power engineering is a course-only degree program that prepares students for professional practice in power engineering.

Environmental Management and Sustainability

The Illinois Tech Stuart School of Business’s Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainability integrates law, science, and business to answer the increasing demand for a uniquely trained management professional who understands the complex dimensions of today’s environmental issues.