CSMART is a center dedicated to researching, testing, and analyzing the latest Smart Grid technology innovations in a real-world environment.

CSMART addresses some of the most challenging issues facing the utility industry over the next decade in an open and collaborative manner. CSMART leverages the unique capabilities of academia, utilities, and private enterprise to determine the best ways to deploy and support advanced Smart Grid technologies in an effort to manage the growing amounts of renewables, energy storage, and microgrids in a secure and reliable environment.

For more information, contact Zuyi Li.

  • 2011: Energy Efficiency Research for Large-Scale Data Centers. PI: Kui Ren (ECE), CoPI: Zuyi Li (ECE), Xue Lin (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • 2010: Energy Sustainable Wireless Acoustic Emission Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring. PI: Jafar Saniie (ECE), CoPIs: Erdal Oruklu (ECE), Jamshid Mohammadi (CAEE)