Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation

The mission of the Robert W. Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation at Illinois Tech is to pursue groundbreaking work in the generation, transmission, distribution, management, and consumption of electricity. The Galvin Center brings together universities, industry, government, and non-profit research entities to plug into Illinois Tech's microgrid, research laboratories, and Technology Park, creating a hub—or sandbox—for new innovations in advanced grid technology.

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  • 2016: Enabling a Resilient and Secure Energy Infrastructure Using Software-Defined Networking. PI: Dong (Kevin) Jin (CS), Co-PIs: Zuyi Li (ECE), Chen Chen (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • 2018: PARSED: Privately Sharing Smart Energy Data. PI: Yuan Hong (CS), Co-PIs: Dong (Kevin) Jin (CS), Zuyi Li (ECE)
Mies Campus photo showing the microgrid light system

Campus Microgrid

We are home to one of the first functioning microgrids in the nation, providing Mies Campus with highly reliable power, incorporating renewable energy sources, and allowing the university to disconnect from the broader power grid in case of emergency.