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Take your summer to the next level.

Enrich your summer experience by exploring our Pre-College programs in Computing and Technology. This summer, Illinois is offering several online programs for high school students who are interested in learning more about information technology, computing, and next-generation technologies. Check out our program selection, and prepare to discover with us at Illinois Tech—Chicago’s only tech-focused university—this summer.

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How to Register

To register for any of our Pre-College summer programs, please create an account in our application portal using the button below. Once you create an account and log in, start a new "Pre-Collegiate Summer Application" and select the program you'd like to register for.

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Online Programs

Programs Format 6/14 - 6/18 6/21 - 6/25 6/28 - 7/2 7/12 - 7/16 7/19 - 7/23 7/26 - 7/30 8/2 - 8/6
Computational Science Course Synchronous/
Introduction to Offensive Hacking Synchronous            
Artificial Intelligence: Session I Synchronous            
Introduction to Defensive Hacking Synchronous            
Game Design: Interactive Storytelling Synchronous            
Psychology Synchronous/
Cybersecurity Bootcamp Synchronous            
Mathematics Camp: Proof, Number Theory, Counting & Probability Synchronous/
Mathematics Camp: Graphs & Trees, Group Theory Synchronous/
Table Top Game Design Synchronous            
Artificial Intelligence: Session II              
Local Politics & Environmental Sustainability Synchronous/


Programs Location 6/14 - 6/18 6/21 - 6/25 6/28 - 7/2 7/12 - 7/16 7/19 - 7/23 7/26 - 7/30 8/2 - 8/6
Day Programs
Biomedical Engineering: Session I Rice  
Engineering and Fabrication Studio:
Biomedical Engineering: Session II Mies      
Engineering and Fabrication Studio Mies        
Summer Pre-Law Institute Downtown            
Experiment in Landscape Architecture Mies            
Fake News & Information Literacy Skills Mies          


Residential Programs
Experiment in Architecture: Session I Mies          
Experiment in Architecture: Session II Mies          
Game Development & Programming Mies            
Biology Mies          
Computational Science Course Mies          
Chemistry Research Experience Mies            
Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking: Equity in the Outdoors Mies            

*Note: No summer program classes will be held during the week of 7/5 –7/9

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