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Brent Stephens
Department Chair
Arthur W. Hill Endowed Chair in Sustainability
Professor of Architectural Engineering
Email: brent@iit.edu

Stephen Kleps
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
Senior Lecturer of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Email: klepste@iit.edu

Mehdi Modares
Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
Associate Professor
Email: mmodares@iit.edu

CAEE Program Directors

Ray Lemming
Programs: Construction Engineering and Management, Engineering Management (Project Management)
Email: rlemming@iit.edu

Zongzhi Li
Programs: Transportation Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Management, and Public Works
Email: lizz@iit.edu

Mehdi Modares
Programs: Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D.)
Email: mmodares@iit.edu

Brent Stephens
Programs: Architectural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Systems (Energy Conservation and Buildings), and Urban Systems Engineering
Email: brent@iit.edu