Our Commitment

Career Services’ Commitment To Illinois Tech Students

The Career Services staff are here to assist you as you develop your career goals, connect with professional mentors, and create meaningful opportunities to help you succeed. We recognize the unique needs of each individual student and commit to providing a consistent level of service to help students find the answers that they need. The Career Services staff, interns, fellows, Student Engagement Team, Student Employer Ambassadors, and Peer Career Coaches commit to:

  • Making students’ career success and satisfaction our highest priority
  • Delivering a helpful, positive, and professional outlook and attitude
  • Treating everyone with respect, fairness, dignity, and nondiscrimination
  • Listening and responding to our students’ concerns
  • Assisting students to determine the resources that they need to make educated career decisions
  • Working with students to identify the appropriate office to contact if their concerns are not addressed
  • Returning phone calls and emails within one business day when possible
  • Providing knowledgeable answers, and resolving issues promptly and accurately—within 24 hours if possible
  • Soliciting student feedback to improve our services

Student satisfaction is our top priority!