Campus Judicial Board

The Campus Judicial Board is an opportunity for members of the Illinois Institute of Technology staff/student/faculty to participate in the university’s judicial process. A Campus Judicial Board will generally include two faculty members, at least one of whom is not in the student’s major department, two students, one Illinois Tech staff members, and one Illinois Tech staff member from the Office of Community Standards. Campus Judicial Board hearings will be used for cases where the alleged violation(s) could result in sanctions of suspension or expulsion or the allegations are deemed complex in nature.


The Campus Judicial Board (CJB) at Illinois Institute of Technology is an important part of the University's conduct process. The purpose of board hearings is to assist individuals involved in potential violation of the code of conduct by: redirecting behavior and energies along more acceptable lines, to protect the rights of students, and to assist the charged/accused student with learning and development. Hearings should be conducted in a professional manner which ensures the respect and dignity of all involved parties.

Below you will find some of the responsibilities of a Campus Judicial Board member.

  • Have a clear understanding or a desire to learn more about the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Board members must participate in the annual required 8-10 hour training (Title IX and Campus Judicial Board), plus additional training throughout the academic year.
  • The time commitment (average 2-10 hours) per month is dependent on the case load.
  • Have an interest and/or understanding issues related to sexual misconduct.

2021-2022 Campus Judicial Board Members


Raul Fernandez, Assistant Director of Community Standards


Katherine Stetz, Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Faculty Members

Dr. Rachel L. Ellison, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology
Dr. Bonnie Haferkamp, Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Abhinav Bhushan, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Staff Members

Melissa Hayne Loretto, Associate Director of Financial Aid
Rocio Rodriguez, Senior International Student Advisor
Gavin Waits, Associate Director of Guest Experiences
Terra Cooney, Operations and Communications Manager
Andrea Barnwell, International Student Advisor

Georgina Lozano, Coordinator for Greek Life

GraceAnne Roach, Information Literacy and Instruction Librarian


Pouya Haddadian Nekah
Kristjan Gudmundsson
Derek Rhea
Nicholas Goymerac

Attention students/faculty/staff, if you are interested in being a part of the Campus Judicial Board, click here