Student Conduct

Becoming a member of the Illinois Tech community is a privilege, and by joining in this community, Illinois Tech students assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a civil and responsible manner compatible with Illinois Tech’s function as an educational institution. Remaining a member of the Illinois Tech community requires and is conditioned upon each student continuously complying with the policies governing students’ academic progress, social interactions and personal behavior. By this Code of Conduct, Illinois Tech aims to foster an environment of learning through respect, honesty and integrity for both individuals and organizations alike, and all students are expected to follow and to uphold the policies set forth in this Code of Conduct. Individuals are held responsible for their own actions.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Handbook is the guiding document that informs students about the policies and procedures that govern the Illinois Institute of Technology community. All students are responsible for the contents of the Student Handbook. Furthermore, individuals are held responsible for their own actions. Representative officers of any student organization are held responsible for the group action of the organization to the fullest degree they are judged to have control of such action.

For more information about the Student Handbook, refer to the Office of Student Affairs website.


Residence Life Handbook

In addition to the Student Handbook, the Residence Life Handbook, is designed to help residents to understand the policies and procedures necessary to promote the safety, security, and well-being of all members of the community living on campus. 


Filing A Report

Anyone within the Illinois Tech community (students, staff, and faculty members) can file an incident report about an alleged student misconduct or student concern. All reports get reviewed by university staff members within the Office of Community Standards and the Office of Student Affairs. Someone within the Office of Community Standards, Residence Life, Student Health & Wellness Center, and/or Dean of Students office may follow up.

File an Incident Report