On-Campus Resources



Contact Information

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center provides free tutoring in a number of subjects to students.

Phone: 312.567.5216

Campus Business Services  Center (CBSC)

Initial and replacement HawkCards can be obtained by visiting the Campus Business Services Center office in Hermann Hall Room 514.

Phone: 312.567.8968

Confidential Advisor

Resilience serves as a confidential advisor for Illinois Tech students who have the duty and ability to provide emergency and ongoing support to students who have experienced sexual misconduct. Students who need to access Resilience's 24-hour confidential advisor services can contact 773.907.1062.

Resilience's 24-hour confidential advisor services: 773.907.1062

Community Incident Reporting Form

To report a complaint or incident, please submit a report at


Disability Resources

If a student believes they may have long-term effects from an illness or injury, please contact the Office of Disability Resources, which will work with the student and their professors to ensure that they get any appropriate accommodations to assist them with academic success.

Phone: 312.567.5744

Office of Global Services

The Office of Global Services can assist students with questions regarding the United States Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of State document preparation for employment, program extensions, reinstatements, and change of status. The International Center also provides information about Studying Abroad.

Phone: 312.567.3680

Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life can assist students with residential access, housing contracts, and meal plans. In cases of emergencies, students can contact their community desk or Public Safety for additional services.

Phone: 312.567.5075

Office of Student Affairs

The staff in the Office of Student Affairs will assist all students regarding all aspects of student life at Illinois Tech. Whether you have a question about housing, registering for classes, taking a leave of absence, requesting a grade change, or anything else.

Phone: 312.567.3081

Office of Title IX Compliance

Staff in the Office of Title IX Compliance support students and employees involved in instances of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and misconduct. The Title IX Compliance office resolves complaints and provides educational training to the campus community.

Phone: 312.567.7525

Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency Phone Number: 312.808.6363 (or 911)
Non-Emergency Phone Number: 312.808.6300
Public Safety Escorts: 312.808.6310

Care Hub

Illinois Tech offers a Care Hub for all students. A 24-hour hotline is available for students to call if they need information or just want to talk to someone. The toll-free hotline is 1.877.351.7889. There is also a variety of online information about local resources and global issues, which can be found at The company code is IIT. 


Phone: 1.877.351.7889

Student Health and Wellness Center

Students can make an appointment to see a nurse practitioner, physician, or staff psychologist at the Student Health and Wellness Center. Our wellness staff provides basic medical and psychological services including consultation, stress relief, stitches removal, wound cleaning, and general check-ups, among other services. More information about the SHWC can be found at To make an appointment, call 312.567.7550 or visit the center, which is located on the third floor of the IIT Tower. The SHWC also sees students at Conviser Law Center.

Phone: 1.312.567.7550

Student Services Directory A list of on-campus office locations/contact information for student service offices.  Student Services Directory

Off-Campus Resources

Alcohol & Other Drugs Substance Abuse Resources


Phone Number


Insight Hospital


Gateway Foundation






Haymarket Center


Faculty/Staff Resources

Below you will find resources available to Faculty and Staff members about supporting students.

Resource Guides


A list of resources available to all students. 
A guide to help faculty members manage classroom behavior and support students in distress.