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As rapid expansion of computation and data creates seismic shifts in business and industry, the College of Computing equips its graduates to capitalize on this phenomenon to drive innovation and decision-making.

Illinois Tech founded the College of Computing in 2020 to ensure student success in the fast-growth fields of computation and data sciences. Our location in the burgeoning tech center of Chicago provides students with access to meaningful internship and career opportunities found only in a world-class city. As a member of the Discovery Partners Institute, Illinois Tech is a gateway to a wider world of research and development. Connections with P33 and other entities in Chicago extend career pipelines to the city’s leading tech businesses.

The College of Computing develops the talent, tools, and technology to fuel a growing tech industry in Chicago and beyond by educating a workforce sophisticated in cutting-edge fields of computer science, applied mathematics, and information and industrial technologies. Our breadth gives us expertise and instruction from the very foundational ideas in computing to the very practical as well as industrial applications. Our renowned faculty are creating new boundaries in these fields through world-class research and education, offering both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to play a role in discovering significant breakthroughs and solving real-world problems.

Illinois Tech has solidified its position as Chicago’s only tech-focused university by integrating data and computation into each degree program throughout the university. The college plays a central role in this initiative, serving as the resource hub infusing specialized training in computing and data sciences across the disciplines.

Strategic Plan

The inaugural strategic plan for Illinois Tech's College of Computing collects the input of the college's major stakeholder – the faculty, staff, students, and Board of Advisors. This plan complements and builds upon the university-wide strategic plan, and outlines the specific vision and goals for the College of Computing.

College of Computing

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