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Applied mathematicians are found where quantitative data is analyzed to make decisions. Prepare for a wide variety of careers in technology, finance, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and more with an applied mathematics degree.

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Department of Applied Mathematics
Rettaliata Engineering Center
10 West 32nd Street, Room 220
Chicago, IL 60616



Computer Science programs at Illinois Tech have the advantage of a software engineering focus. That, along with thorough computer science theory, provide a basis for fundamental technology innovation and long–term career success.

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Department of Computer Science
Stuart Building
10 West 31st Street, Room 235
Chicago, IL 60616



Information Technology and Management programs at Illinois Tech focus on hands-on and applied approaches to computing. Prepare for a broad variety of careers in information technology and cybersecurity while gaining the knowledge and skills needed to step up into management roles in these fields.


Department of Information Technology and Management
Perlstein Hall
10 West 33rd Street, Room 223
Chicago, IL 60616