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 College of Computing faculty and students engage in ambitious computing and computation research at the frontier of advanced technology development.

As part of a leading, private research university, the college encourages all students, including undergraduates, to engage in research projects. You may find yourself pushing the boundaries of what we know in a variety of computing research areas either on campus with faculty, through summer programs, or at a nearby national research laboratory or company. College of Computing research includes opportunities in the following areas of innovation:

Computing Systems: How do we compute in a connected world?

Cybersecurity: How do we keep computing safe? 

Machine Learning: How can we use data to make responsible decisions?

Software Development: How can we create code, apps, and web pages that provide solutions?

Manufacturing: How can we use computing to improve the processes that create for us all?

Finance: How does computing help us understand markets?

Mathematics: How can we model complex processes?


Learn more about the cutting edge research being conducted in the areas of applied mathematics, computer science, and information technology.


College of Computing

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