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Faculty members in Illinois Tech’s College of Computing are working at the leading edge of research, providing students with opportunities to discover new methods to create innovative solutions to real-world problems. Whether it’s building a faster and more secure internet, improving input/output systems, or ensuring the security of our power grid, Illinois Tech faculty can unravel a mystery through research.


Photo of Lulu Kang, seen from above

Who Should Get the Vaccine First? New Model Focuses on Fairness and Diversity

Lulu Kang, associate professor of applied mathematics, teamed with researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago to develop a new twist on traditional resource allocation models to optimize the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, testing supplies, and other related resources.

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Photo of Anita Nikolich in a data center

Internet 2.0: Illinois Tech to Co-Lead Next-Generation Internet Project

Anita Nikolich, a cybersecurity research fellow with Illinois Tech’s Department of Computer Science, was named a co-director of the $20 million FABRIC project. The project’s goal is to enable scientists to explore what a new internet could look like and to determine the internet architecture of the future.

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Building Software for Tomorrow’s Big Challenges

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Xian-He Sun developed Hermes, a software system for high-performance input/output systems.


Countering Power System Cyberattacks

To make power systems more resilient against cyberattacks, Dong “Kevin” Jin, associate professor of computer science, is developing an innovative central network control to isolate compromised devices, reconnect uncompromised devices, and re-route measurement data with the goal of preserving the system’s observability.

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Featured Faculty Researchers

Maurice Dawson
Assistant Professor Director, Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education
Matthew Dixon
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Program Director, Master of Financial Technology
Sonja Petrovic
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Yong Zheng
Assistant Professor
Mustafa Bilgic
Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science Associate Professor of Computer Science Program Director, Master of Artificial Intelligence
Maggie Cheng
Professor of Applied Mathematics Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation

College of Computing

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