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Research Centers

Illinois Tech’s College of Computing is a hive of computational research. Find faculty and students with similar interests in one of the many research groups on campus. Or explore our research centers to find projects that suit your curiosity in areas of applied mathematics, computer science, and information technology and management.

Research Centers

Active Computational Thinking (ACT) Center

Serving as a hub to help incorporate computation into disciplines across campus, the Active Computational Thinking Center is a place where faculty can collaborate on computational research and educational needs. The ACT Center also works to physically connect Illinois Tech’s campus to regional and national computing facilities and research networks through a robust cyberinfrastructure.

Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education

C²SAFE is a collaborative space where business, government, academia, and security professionals intersect helped Illinois Tech become designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.

Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation

The Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation is devoted to the development and use of computational methods for scientific discovery, drawing from ideas in computer science, life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics.

Ocient Computational Center

The Ocient Computational Center houses the backbone of Illinois Tech’s computer science department, allowing the department to conduct research and offer state-of-the-art courses in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, high performance computing, cybersecurity, and more. The center contains the networks, architecture, servers, and other hardware to fuel an elite computer science program.

Real-Time Communications (RTC) Lab

The Real-Time Communications (RTC) Lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) is an educational facility dedicated to teaching, research and development activities that further the advancement of networked communications. The lab welcomes projects from partners in industry and academia provides a unique venue in which industry and academia connect and collaborate. The RTC Lab is affiliated with Illinois Tech's Wireless Network and Communications Research (WiNCom) Center and is directed by Carol Davids, and Vijay K. Gurbani. The RTC Lab collaborates closely with Illinois Tech's Active Computational Thinking (ACT) Center.

Center for Stochastic Dynamics

The Center for Stochastic Dynamics at Illinois Institute of Technology is devoted to the study of complex dynamics under uncertainty, by modeling, analysis, simulation and prediction. Current research highlights include data science/machine learning inspired by dynamical systems, data-driven modeling and simulation in engineering and science, stochastic dynamics of biophysical and geophysical systems, stochastic dynamics and stochastic partial differential equations, and dynamical systems methods for quantum mechanics. 


SmartLab is a collaborative space where students, faculty, and lab partners interact to solve technical issues related to deploying smart technologies and embedded systems. Students conduct research and build working prototypes in mobile applications, smart devices, home automation, mesh networking, and more.

Research Groups

Faculty in the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science lead groups of students in research projects that aim to discover new methods to create solutions to today’s real-world problems.

Department of Applied Mathematics

Faculty in the Department of Applied Mathematics focus research on five main areas of modern applied mathematics: applied analysis, computational mathematics, discrete applied mathematics, statistics, and stochastics. Research delves into not only mathematics, but also into how mathematics are applied to the range of scientific fields.

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Department of Computer Science

Find opportunities to push boundaries in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, databases, high performance and parallel computing, systems, theory, and programming languages, compilers, and software engineering through faculty-led research groups.

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