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College of Computing
Michael Paul Galvin Tower
10 West 35th Street, 14th Floor
Chicago, IL 60616


Computer Science programs at Illinois Tech are infused with the principles of sound software engineering and build on strong foundations of computer science theory. These programs, combined with the department's world-class research, provide a basis for fundamental technology innovation and long-term career success. Many student opportunities are available to get involved with exciting and transformational research.

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Department of Computer Science
Stuart Building
10 West 31st Street, Room 235
Chicago, IL 60616



The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is engaged in the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, medical imaging, sensor networks, cybersecurity, wireless communications, power system operations, smart microgrids, electric vehicles, power semiconductor device technologies, microelectronics, internet of things, cloud computing, and computer hardware and software capabilities. Learn more


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Siegel Hall
3301 South Dearborn Street, Suite 103
Chicago, IL 60616


English Language Services (ELS) provides innovative and student-centered English language instruction in all Illinois Institute of Technology colleges for students in various programs, building communication and critical thinking skills in unique, interdisciplinary classroom environments. 


English Language Services
Michael Paul Galvin Tower
10 West 35th Street, 4C9-1
Chicago, IL 60616



The Department of Food Science and Nutrition prepares its graduates for careers that involve the application of science, technology, engineering, and regulatory compliance to address current food- and health-related issues.


Robert A. Pritzker Science Center
3105 S. Dearborn Street
Suite #106
Chicago, Illinois  60616



If you like to use both sides of your brain—integrating a creative, human-centered approach with an understanding of science and technology—our degree programs may be right for you.


Department of Humanities
Siegel Hall
3301 South Dearborn, Suite 218
Chicago, IL 60616



The INTM program provides students with a broad knowledge of industrial technologies and how they are applied, as well as the practical skills required to effectively manage operations, personnel, and resources.


Industrial Technology and Management
Technology Park South
3424 South State Street, Room 4001
Chicago, IL 60616


Information Technology and Management programs at Illinois Tech focus on hands-on and applied approaches to computing. Prepare for a broad variety of careers in information technology and cybersecurity while gaining the knowledge and skills needed to step up into management roles in these fields.


Department of Information Technology and Management
Perlstein Hall
10 West 33rd Street, Room 223
Chicago, IL 60616