What is an Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) degree?

AMP degrees allow Illinois Institute of Technology students to simultaneously complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree (bachelor's degree and master's degree). Consult the Co-Terminal Handbook and the Accelerated Master's Program webpage for complete information.

Where do I find the current list of Accelerated Master's Programs?

An up-to-date AMP list is available in the Graduate Bulletin.

When can I apply to an Accelerated Master's Program?

To be eligible to apply for an AMP, you must:

  • Have at least 12 undergraduate credits left to complete in the first semester of AMP study. For example, if you apply for fall 2022 AMP study, you must have at least 12 undergraduate credits left to complete in fall 2022.
  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Illinois Tech
  • Have completed at least 60 or more credit hours of applicable undergraduate coursework, with a minimum of 12 credits earned at Illinois Tech
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 or 3.25/4.0, depending on the program. GPA admission requirements vary by program; please contact the academic unit or cotermdegrees@iit.edu directly for specific GPA requirements.
  • Have not yet applied for undergraduate degree conferral (i.e. graduation)
How do I apply for an Accelerated Master's Program?

AMP applications are coordinated through the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. Learn more about applying to an AMP degree here.

How will AMP studies affect my financial aid?

Prospective students should meet with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the financial implications of AMP study. Admitted AMP students who are eligible for federal financial aid are required to meet in person with the Office of Financial Aid. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the financial implications of entering an Accelerated Master's Program.

All newly admitted AMP students who are not federal aid recipients will be invited to attend an Accelerated Master's Program Live session to review the rules and regulations for financial aid as it pertains to AMP. Details of the session will be emailed to the student by the Office of Financial Aid. Alternatively, if a student is not able to attend the live session, s/he may schedule an appointment to meet with a financial aid staff member to satisfy this requirement.

For more information about tuition and financial aid, check out the Tuition and Financial Aid page on Accelerated Master's Program site.

How will AMP studies affect my visa and/or I-20?

Please meet with the Office of Global Services to discuss the visa implications of AMP study.

Are AMP students undergraduate or graduate students?

Accelerated Master's Program students are considered undergraduate students and are subject to all the policies governing undergraduate study.

What does an AMP adviser do?

Accelerated Master's Program advisers help students develop their graduate program course selections and oversee academic advising for the graduate portion of an AMP degree. Please see your major adviser for questions regarding your undergraduate degree.

The AMP adviser will provide advice before the selection of shared courses for use in both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as other courses to be used exclusively for the graduate program. After the advising meeting the student is responsible for filing an eForm in Graduate Degree Works to obtain full approval of the shared and non-shared courses. When this is fully approved by the AMP adviser, academic unit approver, and Graduate Academic Affairs, as grades are entered at the conclusion of each semester, the courses will appear on the Graduate Degree Works audit and calculate in the graduate cumulative grade point average.

How can I share course credits between my undergraduate and graduate degree programs?

Illinois Tech allows AMP students to share up to nine credit hours between their undergraduate and graduate programs; however, some Accelerated Master's Programs allow a smaller amount of shared credit or no shared credit. Please consult your AMP adviser for details.

Students should designate the courses they wish to share with their graduate degree by filing the Co-Terminal Shared Credit and/or Course Substitution and Exception form in eForms for Degree Works. This must be done in the first semester of AMP enrollment. For more information, please review the Co-Terminal Shared and Non-Shared courses eForms Guide.

How long do I have to complete my AMP degrees?

Students have six years to complete their AMP degrees. If the AMP degrees are not completed at the end of six years, the student will be dismissed from the program and updated to an undergraduate student status only.

How do I remain in good academic standing for my Accelerated Master's Program?

AMP students must maintain a graduate cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0 in order to remain in good graduate academic standing. Students who achieve a graduate GPA of less than 3.0/4.0 will be placed on graduate academic probation and may be dismissed from AMP study in a future semester.

Accelerated Master's Program students who do not earn at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA, a 1.85 term GPA, a 2.0 major GPA, or who do not maintain satisfactory academic progress are placed on undergraduate academic probation. AMP students who are placed on undergraduate academic probation will be dismissed from the program.

How do I change my Accelerated Master's Program?

Accelerated Master's Program students may transfer to an equivalent degree within the same academic unit by filing the Change of Degree, Major, and/or Declare Concentration, Project or Thesis form in eForms for Degree Works. For more information, please visit our Academic Procedures FAQ page.

AMP students who wish to transfer to another academic unit or from a professional to research degree must complete a new co-terminal application.

How do I apply for AMP conferral?

In the last semester of their AMP degree, students must apply for undergraduate graduation by the published deadline in the academic calendar or a late fee will be assessed. The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs will convey the Accelerated Master's Program graduation application information to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs.

How do I withdraw from my Accelerated Master's Program?

You must complete the G218 Withdrawal from Co-Terminal Study Form and submit it to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs.

Can I still complete my undergraduate degree if I am dismissed or withdraw from AMP?

Yes—you will be allowed to complete your undergraduate degree according to the academic rules of undergraduate study.

When will I receive my undergraduate degree?

AMP degrees are awarded simultaneously, so you will not receive your undergraduate degree until all of your AMP requirements (undergraduate and graduate) have been fulfilled.