I applied late but I still want to register for classes -- is it possible?

Yes, it is possible you could be conditionally admitted as a non-degree student in order to permit you to begin taking courses right away: you must be admitted in order to register. Your application materials must be complete not later than the fourth week of the semester and you will have a limit on your registration six credit hours; admission as a non-degree student does not guarantee subsequent admission as a degree-seeking student.

Please note: International students are not eligible for registration as non-degree, certificate or part-time students.

How do I register?

If you have received a letter of admission, you may login and register for classes online at myIIT by selecting the Academics Tab and choosing the Add or Drop Classes link in the Registration Tools channel.

What is myIIT?

New Illinois Tech students receive a unique identifier (UID) that is also their Illinois Tech email username and login for Illinois Tech's networking and computing services. Anytime you need to use resources online that are restricted to Illinois Tech members (such as the myIIT portal, computer labs, and the Illinois Tech network, etc.), the system will prompt you for your UID and password. Your UID will remain the same during your entire Illinois Tech experience. To access the myIIT portal for the first time, each student must log in using his or her Illinois Tech-assigned UID (User ID) for the username and the Illinois Tech-assigned password. On subsequent visits to the myIIT portal, you will continue to use your Illinois Tech-assigned UID as your username along with a password you create during the process outlined below.

  1. Find your UID (User ID) online

    Your Unified ID is your username for technology services at Illinois Tech and is the first part of your IIT email address before the @ symbol.

    New students will receive their username and Illinois Tech email address from the Office of Admissions upon acceptance to the university.

  2. Determine your initial myIIT password
    Your initial password to access the myIIT portal consists of the two-digit month and two-digit day of your birth date plus the last 4-digits of your CWID number (the ID number you received when you were admitted to Illinois Tech). For example, if your birth date is June 8 and the last 4-digits of your CWID are 1234, your initial password would be 06081234.

    When you log into the portal for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new password.
  3. Access the myIIT portal
    Once you have your UID and password, you can access the myIIT portal. On the myIIT login page, enter your myIIT username and password in the login area on the left side of the screen.

Who do I contact for registration advice?

For advice on the process of registration, contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@iit.edu. If you need advice on which courses are appropriate for you, contact your faculty advisor. If you are a new student, an academic advisor was assigned to you in your letter of admission. Continuing students should contact their faculty advisor of record for information on curricular requirements, program of study and proper sequencing of courses.

Who do I contact to lift a registration hold?

Determine the type of hold that you have by reviewing the Registration Hold Information  on the web page of the of the Registrar's website, then call the appropriate office. Holds are imposed for a variety of reasons, and lifting them may require further action from you.

How do I change course registration, change sections, add or drop a course, etc.?

You may add and drop courses online at the myIIT portal, click on Web for Students. Contact the Student Services Center at 312.567.3100 or onestop@iit.edu if you experience any difficulty in completing your course change online.

What is tuition for graduate studies?

All tuition, rates, and fees are posted on the Student Accounting website.

What options do I have for paying my tuition?

Illinois Tech offers tuition deferral and installment payment plans. If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement plan, you may be able to apply for a deferred payment plan that will allow you to delay payment until you have received reimbursement from your employer. You must submit an application and fee, and a letter from your employer, in order to participate. Illinois Tech also offers installment payment plans for full and part-time students. Consult Student Accounting for more information about payment plans.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Graduate scholarships, fellowships, teaching assistantships, and graduate assistantships are awarded by departments to a very limited number of highly qualified students at the time of admission. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for federal student loan programs. For information on student loans contact the Office of Financial Aid at 312.567.7219 or visit the Office of Financial Aid.

What is full-time status and how does it affect me?

Full-time status requires registration in at least nine hours for graduate students.

Graduate students are eligible for federal aid and continued deferment of existing loans if they are registered for half-time (4.5 hours) or greater. Graduate students taking less than half-time hours can file for a forbearance to extend their deferment. Continuing graduate students taking one or more credit hours of 591, 600, 691 or PSYC 599 are automatically forced to special full-time status due to thesis research or Ph.D. candidacy continuation.

International students taking less than full-time hours must apply for full-time equivalency with the Office of Global Services at to remain in compliance with SEVIS requirements. International students who meet the I-Center’s criteria for full-time equivalency are reported as such by the I-Center and do not have their actual student time status adjusted on their academic record.

Does Illinois Tech offer career placement and planning services?

The Career Services office offers resume writing assistance, mock interviews, job fairs and postings and many other career related services to Illinois Tech students. The office also provides services to business and industry seeking to recruit Illinois Tech students. If you have a job to post, please visit the office's website and follow the links for employers.

How do I get a part-time on-campus job?

Illinois Tech's Career Services office maintains an online database of on-campus jobs. International students should be aware that there are strict restrictions on the type of employment they may accept while in the US on a student visa. Visit the Office of Global Services online or call 312.567.3680 for additional information.

What academic policies should I be aware of as a graduate student at Illinois Tech?

Academic policies are published in the Graduate Bulletin and in the Illinois Tech student handbook. It is the responsibility of all graduate students to make sure that all degree requirements set forth by the Graduate College and by their academic department are satisfied. The Graduate College provides guidance and information to students to assist them in complying with course of study requirements. However, the final responsibility to comply with academic regulations and to be familiar with the information contained in the graduate bulletin rests with the student.

How long do I have to finish a degree program?

Master's degree students must complete graduate degree programs within the twelve semesters immediately preceding graduation; Ph.D. students must complete their degrees within 12 semesters of the approval of a program of study. Please see the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the Graduate Bulletin for additional details.

Will you accept transfer credit?

For master’s degree programs, a maximum of nine applicable credit hours earned prior to matriculation into an Illinois Institute of Technology graduate degree program, subject to the graduate studies rules and restrictions, may be considered for:

  1. External transfer credit for graduate transfer credit use. Applicable course credit hours may not have been applied toward any earned degree.
  2. Internal undergraduate transfer credit from Illinois Institute of Technology. Applicable course credit hours may not have been applied toward any previous degree program.
  3. Shared co-terminal program credit.

Doctoral degree candidates may transfer previously completed graduate work not applied toward a prior earned degree up to a maximum of 42 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree (which may include up to 32 credit hours from a completed master’s degree) or 50 percent of their total Ph.D. program credit hour requirements, whichever is smaller.

Please see the Graduate Bulletin section on Transfer of Credit for details.

Does Illinois Tech grant credit for work experience?

Illinois Tech does not grant academic credit based on work experience. However, some departments may consider work experience in determining whether the applicant has sufficient knowledge to be considered as a candidate for admission without additional course prerequisites. Illinois Tech does provide an option for gaining credit by exam. The rules and procedures for this option are outlined in the section on academic policies of the Graduate Bulletin.

How do I determine what courses I must take to complete my program?

For the most up-to-date information, consult your academic advisor. Visit the Graduate Bulletin for complete graduate program descriptions, and be sure to note any updates.

Who is my advisor?

For non-degree or certificate students, there is no assigned advisor. You may contact the department of your program to ask academic questions. For degree-seeking students, your advisor's name is typed at the bottom of your admission letter. Please contact your advisor with any academic questions.

If I can't contact my advisor, what can I do?

Contact the academic department to which you have been admitted. Consult the Illinois Tech Directory to obtain contact information for your department.

Can I change or request an advisor?

Yes. Simply fill out the Change of Advisor form in eforms for Degree Works.

How long does it take to complete a certificate program?

This depends entirely on the particular program, the availability of courses, and the number of credit hours the student enrolls in each semester. Typically, graduate certificate programs require 9-12 credit hours to complete, and are often completed in 1-2 semesters.

How long does it take to complete a master's program?

This depends entirely on the particular program, the availability of courses, and the number of credit hours the student enrolls in each semester. Most professional master's degree programs at Illinois Tech require 30-32 credit hours. Master's degree programs must be completed within the 12 semesters immediately preceding graduation. Students typically complete their program in 2-3 years.

How long does it take to complete a Ph.D. program?

This depends entirely on the individual student's particular program of study and the pace of progress of their research, as well as the availability of courses and the number of credit hours the student enrolls in each semester. Most Ph.D. programs at Illinois Tech require a minimum of a total of 72 credit hours of combined study and research. Ph.D. programs must be completed within 12 semesters after approval of the program of study. Students who need an extension of time to complete their program must submit a petition for an extension, and outdated courses must be revalidated. The petition must include a detailed plan for completion of the degree and be endorsed by the academic adviser and the academic unit head.

When is graduate advising required?

A graduate student will seek advising as follows:

  • Co-terminal student in the first semester of graduate co-terminal enrollment
  • Traditional masters student at 9 earned or enrolled credits
  • Doctoral student at 18 earned or enrolled credits
  • A continuing student with an approved Plan of Study has satisfied the requirement
  • A continuing student without an approved Plan of Study will follow the new process

How will I meet with my adviser?

Your academic unit has an “Advising Web Page” that explains your academic unit’s specific advising content, which includes:

  1. How to Obtain the Advising PIN in the first semester from the academic adviser (or unit).
  2. How to Schedule Academic Advising, which is required before the advising hold will be lifted by the academic adviser.
  3. Other helpful advising topics with hyperlinks to the Graduate Bulletin.

How do I request a change of degree program?

When a student desires to change degree, major, or declare a required or optional specialization/concentration, or a research project or thesis, this is requested using eForms for Graduate Degree Works. The requested change may only be considered without a new admission when the degree is of the same level or lower (PhD-MS, PhD-ME, PhD-MAS, MS-ME, MS-MAS, MS-MS, ME-ME, MAS-MAS within the same academic unit/discipline). A program of a higher level or in a different academic unit/discipline requires a new admission.

Changes in elective course selections do not need to be formally documented unless the new elective selection is from outside the major department. In this instance, students should file an internal transfer request through eForms for Degree Works. Changes in required courses must also be documented via a course substitution request in eForms for Degree Works. Both internal transfer requests and course substitution requests must be approved by your advisor, department chair, and the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. For information on how to access eForms for Degree Works, click here.

How do I change programs?

Changes to a program that require a new admission application include: master's (MAS) to master's with a change of academic unit, master's to master of science (MS), master's to PhD, master of science to master of science with a change of academic unit, master of science to PhD, and PhD to PhD with a change of academic unit.

Changes within the same degree level and the same academic unit can be submitted through the change of program request in eForms for Degree Works. A regular student planning to transfer from one degree program to another should discuss the matter with academic advisors in both programs.

How do I officially withdraw from a program?

Students must complete a University Withdrawal or Leave of Absence Form online. Login to the myIIT portal and look for the Graduate Academic Affairs channel under the Academics tab. This must be approved by the academic advisor, academic unit head and the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. International students wishing to withdraw must also contact the Office of Global Services.

Where do I obtain Graduate College forms?

Forms are available online or from the Office of Academic Affairs, 10 W. 35th St., Suite 7D7-1, Mies Campus.

When does enrollment start?

Registration for summer and fall begins the previous spring in April and continues through the add/drop period. Spring registration begins in November and continues through the add/drop period in January.

When does the semester start?

Fall courses typically begin the second-to-last week in August, Spring courses typically begin the second week in January, and Summer courses typically begin the third week of May and there are four sessions. Be sure to check the current academic calendar for the exact schedule for the year in which you are interested.

When is the last day to drop or add a class?

Consult the most recent enrollment guide and academic calendar for details, including the tuition refund schedule for dropped classes.

When is the last day to withdraw from a class?

Each semester a date is fixed as the last date for official withdrawal without academic penalty. Consult the current semester's academic calendar for the specific date.

When are midterm exams?

Midterm exams are at the discretion of the instructor. Consult your individual course syllabus for details.

When are final exams?

See the final exam schedule.

When does the semester end?

Check the academic calendar.

How do I find out which classroom my class is in?

If you are properly registered for courses you can check your registration on myIIT, which will show the classroom your courses are in. 

How do I get my books?

Review the course syllabus to ensure you have the correct list of required texts. Textbooks may be purchased online or on campus at the Illinois Tech Bookstore in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, 3201 S. State St. Students at the Rice Campus may purchase books at www.mbsdirect.net.

How do I obtain an email account?

Instructions may be located at the Office of Technology Services (OTS) website. Please direct any questions to OTS at:

OTS Support Desk
Tel: 312 567-3375
Online: support.iit.edu
E-mail: supportdesk@iit.edu 
Illinois Tech Mies Campus, Galvin Library, Upper Level

How do I find my instructor?

The instructor's name is under the course listing on the registration page or can be found on the student's schedule. Phone numbers and email addresses are listed in the directory.

What are Illinois Tech's policies on graduate grades?

See the appropriate section of the Graduate Bulletin.

When will I receive my grades?

You can check your transcript via your secure account at Illinois Tech's portal myIIT.

Can I get my grades over the phone?


I am unhappy with my grade, who do I contact?

Contact the course instructor.

What happens if I retake a course?

If you are taking the course to improve your cumulative GPA, you must file a Graduate Course Repeat Request. A maximum of three course repeats are allowed during a graduate program of study. 

What is the role of the Thesis Examiner?

The Thesis Examiner enforces the thesis format guidelines established by the Graduate College, by instructing students during an initial group thesis meeting, and then during prescheduled one-on-one thesis reviews.

What takes place during the mandatory group thesis meeting?

In a (hybrid) group setting, the Thesis Examiner identifies and explains pertinent information found in the Graduate Thesis Manual; provides  website resources specifically related to thesis layout and style; and answers questions. An overview of the required meetings and the schedule is provided. 

What takes place at the one-on-one thesis review?

In an individual meeting, the Thesis Examiner explains the required format and provides resources and techniques to assist the student with proper formatting. 

How many times must I meet with the Thesis Examiner?

You must meet with the Thesis Examiner at least three times before you upload your final thesis. This consists of two full document review meetings and a final review/instruction meeting. 

Do I need an appointment to meet with the Thesis Examiner?

You must have an appointment.

Email our office at aa@iit.edu to make an appointment.

Appointments can be for in-person meetings (on select days) or online (Google Meet is the default). 

How should I prepare for the first meeting?

Email the Thesis Examiner a PDF of your thesis draft, at least an hour before your meeting. The draft should be composed using the appropriate template. 

If you attend in-person, it's best to bring a laptop so as to have access to the file during the meeting. Please avoid printing out the full document unless necessary. 

A minimal draft may require additional meetings. 

Can I have more than three meetings?

You may meet with the Thesis Examiner as many times as necessary to bring your thesis into compliance with the guidelines established by the university.

The Thesis Examiner may also require you to have additional meetings to ensure proper formatting. 

How long does a meeting last?

Most meeting slots are 30 minutes, although some may run longer. In some cases a longer meeting may be scheduled. 

Where can I find useful resources to assist me with the thesis format?

Go to the Graduate Academic Affairs web page, and then click on Thesis Information. There you will find many resources you need to assist you with your thesis.

Can I use color in my thesis?

Yes color is allowed in the thesis. Sometimes color needs to be adjusted slightly for effective printing.  

How do I apply for graduation?

Students who plan to finish all degree requirements must submit an online graduation application by the deadline for the semester of graduation, published on the Academic Calendar. To access the application, go to the Student Records link under the Academics tab in the myIIT portal (detailed instructions). Please note, master’s level students must have earned a minimum of 15 credits, while Ph.D. students must have earned a minimum of 69 credits, in order to access the online application. Once the application is processed, the graduation application fee will be billed to your student account. Graduate certificate students should use the Application for Graduate Certificate (Form G528) to apply for graduation.

If you intend to participate in commencement be sure to register at the commencement website.

When do I apply for graduation?

Consult the academic calendar.

What if I forget to apply for graduation?

If you fail to apply by the last late application date, you will have to defer your graduation until the following semester and you must apply by the deadline for that semester.

When will I receive my diploma?

You will receive your diploma during the commencement ceremony, if you have met all degree requirements by the published deadlines for the semester in which you applied for graduation (detailed instructions for graduation application). If you fail to meet all requirements, you must apply for reconsideration, by filing a new Graduation Application, for the next semester. In this case, your diploma will be available for pick-up or mailing, from the Office of the Registrar. The diploma will be published at the end of term, in which all requirements have been met, and at the conclusion of the semester.

How will my diploma be delivered to me?

Your diploma for degrees conferred in the spring may be available for distribution at your academic unit commencement ceremony, if all degree requirements have been met by the published semester deadlines listed at Important Dates/Deadlines.

Look for communications from the Office of the Registrar registrar@iit.edu to your @iit.edu email address regarding diploma pick-up for degrees conferred in the fall and summer terms, as well as how to make diploma shipping arrangements for late posted degrees.

How do I obtain official copies of my transcripts from Illinois Institute of Technology?

Official transcripts may be requested online and a fee will be charged. Instructions are also available at that website to order a transcript through the mail or in person.

Where can I get more information on graduation?

Visit the commencement website.