Accelerated Master's Program

The Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) allows current Illinois Institute of Technology students and alumni the ability to obtain both their bachelor's and master's degree from the university in a shortened period of time. There are two functioning parts of the AMP: Co-Terminal (AMP-CT) and Advanced Standing (AMP-AS).

The Co-Terminal Program provides an opportunity for students to gain greater knowledge in specialized areas, while completing a smaller number of credit hours with increased scheduling flexibility than the completion of two degrees separately. Because most co-terminal degrees allow students to share course credits (a maximum of nine credit hours), students may complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as few as five years. Co-terminal students maintain their undergraduate student status while completing graduate coursework, and can maintain financial aid eligibility when applicable.

The Advanced Standing Program is for Illinois Tech undergraduate students who have fewer than 12 credit hours remaining until graduation, or alumni who have graduated within the past three years. Choose from either a predetermined pairing of bachelor’s and master’s degrees or work with your adviser to select your own pairing that matches your interests. Those participating in the advanced standing option will have nine credits from their undergraduate degree apply to their graduate program, reducing the time required to complete the graduate program by one semester.


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