Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct

Our commitment to excellence as an institution extends to all aspects of our educational and research undertakings. As stewards of Illinois Institute of Technology’s finances, assets and resources, faculty and staff must be diligent to conduct their work consistent with the highest of ethical standards. To that end, it is essential that each of us exercise sound judgment to further the interests of Illinois Tech in a fair and responsible manner.

A part of Illinois Tech’s commitment to ethics and compliance is to provide faculty and staff with the information needed to act appropriately. As you will see, these Standards of Ethical Business Conduct memorialize the ethical and legal principles that have long governed business dealings by Illinois Tech and its faculty and staff. They reflect the values to which Illinois Tech has subscribed and will continue to subscribe; they also identify many of the Illinois Tech policies and procedures that govern our operations. In short, these Standards provide a framework of acceptable standards of behavior.

These Standards have been reviewed and endorsed by the Board of Trustees. Any comments you may have on these Standards are welcomed. Questions about the applicability of the Standards or the referenced policies and procedures to particular circumstances may be addressed to the Controller’s Office at (312) 567-3794 or the Office General Counsel at (312) 567-3006.

Raj Echambadi, President
February, 2022

Download the Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct here