Policies and Procedures

The IIT Policies and Procedures Handbook is a guide for the operation of the business and financial matters of IIT. Neither academic nor employment matters are addressed in the manual. These matters are addressed in the manual on Human Resources Policies and Procedures, the Faculty Handbook, and the Student Handbook. This manual is not intended to cover specific operating policies within a department. Each department is encouraged to maintain an operation guide to address interdepartmental procedures. In the event of a conflict between IIT policies appearing in this manual and individual department policies, this manual shall govern.

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose, Distribution and Changes
  2. Facilities
    1. Reservations and Use of University Facilities at the IIT Main Campus
    2. Reservations and Use of IIT Facilities at the Conviser Law Center
    3. Facilities Modification: Initial Approval
    4. Facilities Modification: Construction Design And Contract Approval Process
    5. Space Heaters Management
  3. Activities on Campus
    1. Sales and Solicitations on Campus
    2. Posting of Signs, Bulletins and Publicity
    3. No Smoking Policy
    4. Serving of Alcohol
    5. Volunteers and Unpaid Interns
    6. Bicycle Use and Abandoned Bicycle Policy
    7. COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement and Reopening Policy (Repealed)
  4. Public Safety
    1. Department of Public Safety
    2. Safety and Health
    3. Enforcement of Parking Rules
    4. Property Damage and Accident and Injury Incident Reporting
    5. Crime Reporting
    6. Safety of Minors in University Programs
  5. Risk Management
    1. Insurance Claims Filing Procedure
    2. Equipment Losses
    3. Maintenance Emergencies
    4. Safety, Identification, Classification and Handling of Hazardous Materials and Waste
    5. Disposal of Surplus Goods or Obsolete Equipment
    6. Insurance Requirements for Third Parties
  6. Sponsored Research
    1. Proposals for Sponsored Projects
    2. Purchasing for Project and Contract Proposals
    3. Title to Research Equipment and Policies Relating to Transfers
  7. Communications and Publications
    1. Publications Policy, Names and Seals
    2. Policy Regarding Broadcast Messages
    3. Social Media Policy
  8. Post Office
    1. Mailing Procedures
    2. Bulk Mailing
  9. Bursar
    1. Tuition and Other Charges 
    2. Information Security Program
  10. Accounting and Payroll
    1. Collection of Cash and Other Remittances
    2. Control of Organized Research and Training Program Expenditures
    3. Travel
    4. Books and Supplies on Scholarship
  11. Purchasing
    1. Procurement Policy
    2. Purchase of Printing
    3. Procurement Card (PCARD) Policy
  12. Housing
  13. Bookstore: Textbook Requisitions
  14. Graduate College: Stipends and Graduate Assistants
  15. Student Services Center: Validations of ID Cards for Cooperative Education Students
  16. Ethics
    1. Administrator and Non-Investigator Faculty Member Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy
    2. Investigator Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy
    3. Prohibition on the Acceptance of Gifts
    4. Investigations and Complaints
    5. Policy on Drugs and Alcohol
    6. Non-Discrimination
  17. Campus-wide Management Policies
    1. Authority for Negotiation and Approval of Contracts
    2. Background Checks: Pre-Employment and Activities Involving Minors
    3. Use of Technology Resources
    4. Record and E-mail Retention
    5. Requests from Law Enforcement
    6. Technology and Telephonic Infrastructure Capabilities
    7. Policy Adoption and Approval Procedures
    8. Student Travel Policy
    9. Concealed Carry and Prohibition Regarding Firearms and Weapons On Campus Policy
    10. Use of University Provided Mobile Internet
    11. Document Imaging Policy
  18. Resource Management
    1. Patent and Copyright Policies
    2. Faculty Companies
  19. (RESERVE)
  20. Vehicles
    1. IIT Vehicle Maintenance Program
    2. Driving Privileges