All employees have a right to work in a safe and positive environment. A new program called EthicsPoint has been initiated to provide the best possible workplace for the IIT community.

EthicsPoint is a phone- and Internet-based reporting system designed to enhance communication and empower faculty and staff to promote safety, security, and ethical behavior in the workplace. This new system, similar in nature to the Illinois Tech suggestion box, allows us to do much more while protecting your anonymity at the same time. EthicsPoint manages the reporting system for us, ensuring that the program is completely confidential.

The traditional focus of a program such as EthicsPoint is to be a service for reporting misconduct as it relates to the following areas:

  • Financial Matters accounting, auditing, theft, donor stewardship, etc.
  • Research all issues dealing with research.
  • Human Resources misconduct, harassment, time abuse, etc.
  • Information Technology data privacy, misuse of resources, etc.
  • Risk & Safety unsafe working conditions, waste, misuse of resources.

You may also refer to the "other" option to report anything not covered in the list above that may be cause for your concern. Please note that this site is not designed to report a situation where there is an immediate threat to your safety, in which case you should contact 911 or the university Public Safety Department directly at 8.6363.

Please feel free to visit the website,, or call 1.866.294.9314 to learn more about the program or to make a report. Again, everything you report is confidential as guaranteed through the EthicsPoint administrative system.

Everyone in the IIT community shares responsibility for promoting a positive environment. We can all work together to ensure that IIT employees have the comfort of knowing that the university provides a safe, secure, and ethical workplace.

Illinois Institute of Technology Ethics Helpline

Illinois Institute of Technology is committed to maintaining an environment that promotes and supports the highest level of ethical conduct. To facilitate this commitment, the university has selected EthicsPoint to provide an anonymous and simple method to report activities that are believed to be unethical, illegal, or in violation of university policy.

Reports submitted through EthicsPoint will be handled promptly and discreetly. The report is completely anonymous, and the university will make no effort to determine the identity of the reporter.

EthicsPoint will act as a conduit between the reporter and the university personnel reviewing the reports. Anyone making a report should return to this website within 10 business days of filing a report, and using a unique password, the reporter may review progress on the report, or anonymously respond to requests for additional information.

EthicsPoint Is Not an Emergency Service

Do not use the EthicsPoint site to report an emergency or situation that is an immediate threat to life or property. Please contact the university's Public Safety Department at 312-808-6363.