This handbook sets forth general structures and procedures that Illinois Tech has adopted to enabled it to operate the university in an efficient and effective manner. Illinois Tech expressly reserves the right, at its discretion, to review and to modify these regulations, policies, procedures, and requirements at any time and for any reason, all without prior notice or consultation. Any such changes will be duly published in the web version of this handbook, which can be found below, and any such changes shall become effective upon publication. To be clear, the version of this handbook so posted shall be deemed, for all purposes, the most current version, and it shall control in all instances, meaning that in the event of a conflict between the printed version of this handbook or any earlier posted versions of this handbook and the then currently posted version of this handbook on this website, the most currently posted version of this handbook on this website shall govern and control. 

As members of the Illinois Tech community, all students, groups of students, and student organizations are expected to exemplify principles and values, to engage in socially responsible behavior, and to model exceptional conduct, character, and citizenship on campus and beyond.

Upon learning of conduct or behavior that may not meet the standards set forth in this Student Handbook or in Illinois Tech bulletins, published or posted policies, publications and announcements and other materials that may be distributed to students from time to time, students are expected to take an active role in upholding our community’s principles and values.

Academic advisors assist students in pursuing academic programs of study so that all requirements may be successfully met and will provide counsel as requested in academic and other matters. It is, however, the individual student who has final responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of the program leading to the degree being sought and for abiding by all Illinois Tech policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.