Policy No. E. 7.00

Date of Issue 7/2/2014

The university expects all employees to report for work at their scheduled times.

Tardiness is failure to arrive in the appointed work area, ready to work, at the scheduled starting time. The employee is expected to contact the supervisor as soon as possible on a day when he/she will be late. This notification is required no later than one-half hour after the scheduled start of the workday.

All tardiness, regardless of the number of minutes, becomes part of the employee's attendance record.


Supervisors are expected to ensure that non-exempt, hourly employees are not paid for tardiness and that time records are accurate, consistent with the schedule below.

7 - 21 minutes late
22 - 36 minutes late
37 - 51 minutes late
52 - 66 minutes late
15 minutes docked
30 minutes docked
45 minutes docked
60 minutes docked


Supervisors may allow employees to make up the time during the same work week by coming in early or staying late, but not by foregoing their lunch or break times. In either case, a supervisor electing to approve or allow the same must do so in a fair, uniform and consistent manner with respect to all employees reporting to him/her.

Disciplinary action up to and including discharge may be imposed for repeated and excessive tardiness.


Supervisors should contact Human Resources with questions regarding recording of absences and time worked.