Department of Humanities


Research in the Department of Humanities spans a diverse range of complementary subjects merging human inquiry with technology. Our fields of expertise lend themselves well to interdisciplinary research projects across the university.

Faculty Research and Research Centers

The faculty of the Department of Humanities are engaged in research across many disciplines, including art and architectural history, communication and media studies, digital humanities, ethics, history, linguistics, and philosophy. Faculty members also serve as advisers and mentors to students at work on their own research projects, and some offer research assistantship opportunities for graduate students to gain practical experience. Visit the Faculty Research page to learn more about our faculty members' research activities, or visit our Research Centers page to learn about our affiliated centers.

Faculty Research Research Centers

Student Research

Among its course offerings, the Department of Humanities is home to HUM 200, a core curriculum requirement offered each semester on a wide variety of topics. This course is an important building block in all Illinois Tech students' educations, providing foundational knowledge on how to write academic research papers while also helping students to expand their reading and writing skills. And if you choose to major one of the humanities undergraduate degree programs, or pursue to one of our graduate degrees, you'll find ample opportunities to expand your research skills further and showcase your portfolio of work. Learn more on our Student Research page.

Student Research


Lewis College Undergraduate Research Day Presentation

Undergraduate Research Day

Undergraduate students at Lewis College have a unique opportunity to showcase their work at the college’s annual Undergraduate Research Day. This event highlights student research projects, internship experiences, creative projects, and senior capstones.