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Letter from the Dean

Christine Himes

Welcome to Lewis College of Human Sciences. Founded in 2013, Lewis College brings together the three departments at Illinois Tech focused on human behavior, culture, and society. Named in honor of one of the founding institutions of the university, Lewis Institute, our college carries on the tradition of melding a liberal arts education with technical skills.

Home to nine undergraduate programs, four master’s degree programs, and four doctoral degree programs, Lewis College is built on a strong, research-oriented faculty. While we are only three departments, our intellectual breadth is wide, ranging from philosophy to sophisticated methods of data analysis. We prepare students to think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly as citizens of the world. We believe innovation requires creativity and collaboration, and in Lewis College we have a strong commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and research. Many of our programs draw on faculty and courses from multiple disciplines. Importantly, undergraduates participate in the defining feature of an Illinois Tech education, the Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) program. Through this experience, students learn to work in multidisciplinary teams to address real-world problems.

The Department of Humanities integrates traditional humanistic inquiry with science and technology. It explores how our beliefs and ideas are formed, how those ideas are tied to history and culture, and how we express ourselves. Our humanities faculty researchers study how the newest technologies are changing our understandings of ourselves and the world. They examine the ethical issues involved in the formation and use of technology. Communication is critical for any endeavor, and our humanities department has highly regarded programs in technical communication at the undergraduate and graduate levels. At the graduate level, our information architecture program provides skills and tools crucial in our digital world.

The Department of Psychology has leading doctoral programs in clinical psychology, rehabilitation and mental health counseling, and industrial and organizational psychology. Graduate students have exposure to cutting-edge research and practices through participation in funded projects and professional organizations. While still in school, they can be immersed in real-world problem solving. Undergraduates can choose from programs merging insights about human behavior with marketable technical skills to examine topics like health behaviors, consumer choice, and social networks. For students interested in health careers or neuroscience, we offer unique dual degree programs with biology and biochemistry.

The Department of Social Sciences uses a scientific approach to problem solve in the social world. Social scientists are interested in the ways in which society operates, how we work together, how we share knowledge and information. We have an emphasis on social policy at the local, national, and global levels. Our faculty is interested in how technology is being used to alleviate poverty and shape economic competitiveness. Research in the social sciences is truly global with faculty working in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Our alumni are found all over the world and in all types of careers: psychologists, lawyers, educators, software developers, consultants, policymakers, market researchers, rehabilitation counselors, technical writers, political and social advocates, international development agents, and so many more.

Attending Lewis College, you will not only gain knowledge and practical skills, but you will also grow and expand your capacity as an individual. Our diverse student body provides students an intercultural education wrapped inside the outstanding academic experience here. Explore our departments and learn more about the range of opportunities we offer.

Christine L. Himes
Lewis College of Human Sciences

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Lewis College of Human Sciences

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