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Letter from the Dean

Jennifer deWinter

Welcome to Illinois Tech’s Lewis College of Science and Letters! Named in honor of one of the founding institutions of the university, Lewis Institute, our college carries on the tradition of melding a liberal arts education with technical skills.

Lewis College is built on a strong, research-oriented faculty. Home to seven departments, our intellectual breadth is wide, ranging from biology to social sciences. We prepare students to think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly as citizens of the world. Many of our programs draw on faculty and courses from multiple disciplines. Importantly, undergraduates participate in the defining feature of an Illinois Tech education, the Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) program. Through this experience, students learn to work in multidisciplinary teams to address real-world problems.

Beyond our courses and IPRO experience, you’ll have the chance to work with our faculty on creating new material with chemists, travel to Argonne National Laboratory to explore the effects of massive radiation on various biological and physical substances, or work with psychologists studying human behavior and motivation.

Our alumni are found all over the world and in all types of careers: psychologists, lawyers, pharmaceutical developers, physicians, educators, biochemists, consultants, market researchers, health physics, technical writers, political and social advocates, and so many more.

Attending Lewis College, you will not only gain knowledge and practical skills, but you will also grow and expand your capacity as an individual. Our diverse student body provides students an intercultural education wrapped inside the outstanding academic experience here. Explore our departments and learn more about the range of opportunities we offer.


Jennifer deWinter
Lewis College of Science and Letters

Lewis College of Science and Letters

Pritzker Science Building, Suite 252 | Chicago, IL | 60616