An employee wishing to obtain permanent residency selects an attorney to consult with and eventually file their case. This list has been pre-approved by the Office of General Counsel. A list of attorneys can be viewed on this website. 

  1. The attorney works with the employee’s department at Illinois Institute of Technology to obtain the job letter.
  2. The attorney works with Human Resources to obtain any required salary confirmation letters.
  3. If labor certification is required, the attorney works with the employee’s sponsoring department and Human Resources to file through the Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) system. A copy of the notice of filing must be forwarded to the International Center.
  4. If labor certification is required, the International Center gives the attorney access to PERM to file on behalf of Illinois Tech.
  5. If labor certification is required, the attorney works with Human Resources to ensure that a complete PERM retention file is created. The PERM retention file will be kept in Human Resources.
  6. The International Center will sign the I-140 and G-28, keep copies of these documents in the International Center, and willl forward copies to Human Resources.
  7. The attorney will forward one copy of the completed petition to the International Center and another copy to Human Resources.
  8. The International Center will work with the employee to ensure that their underlying status remains active so that they may continue to work at Illinois Tech while the I-485 adjustment to permanent residency is pending.
  9. The International Center will continue to complete the I-9 form for employees who are pending permanent residency, sponsored by Illinois Tech, and are intending on keeping their underlying status active.
  10. Once the employee receives their green card, Human Resources will complete the I-9 and update the employee’s immigration category in the university system (Banner).
  11. The employee provides a copy of the green card to the International Center. If the employee’s underlying status is still active, the International Center will terminate the status in SEVIS (in the case of J-1 scholars) or withdraw the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (in the case of H-1B employees).