Academic advising plays an important role for all students at Illinois Tech. The few minutes it takes to review course choices and discuss scheduling options with an adviser helps ensure all courses taken will apply toward the student’s degree program.

Advising PIN (required for registration each semester) 

Undergraduate and graduate students are required to consult with an academic adviser on course choices in order to obtain the Registration PIN. INTM students must adhere to the following procedures:

Undergraduate Academic Advising

  • NEW STUDENTS must meet with their primary academic adviser to discuss program and course options, set their first semester course schedule, and obtain the Advising PIN.
  • CONTINUING STUDENTS must consult with an academic adviser via phone, email or in person each semester to receive the Advising PIN (consult Undergraduate Degree Works system for adviser information).
  • A new Advising PIN is issued every semester. Once the PIN is used for registration, it will appear in the IIT Personal ID Numbers channel in the myIIT Portal (‘Welcome’ tab).
Advising A Number

Graduate Academic Advising

  • NEW STUDENTS must complete the INTM Pre-Advising form to begin the academic advising process
  • INTM's academic adviser will respond by email to confirm schedule options and provide the Advising PIN.
  • During the first semester of attendance, new students must complete a mandatory advising session with their primary academic adviser to discuss program and course options. Students are instructed to:
  1. Confirm identity of their primary adviser in Graduate Degree Works (‘Academics’ tab in myIIT).
  2. Review INTM's Academic Advising procedure in preparation for the advising session. 
  3. Schedule the advising session using INTM’s appointment system at
  4. Complete the following worksheet and provide it to your adviser during the advising session.
  5. Submit required eForms using Graduate Degree Works system (‘Academics’ tab in myIIT).
  • The GP Graduate (Program) Advising Hold will be lifted after completing the advising session and required eForms have been submitted.
  • Once the PIN is issued, it will appear in the IIT personal ID channel in myIIT portal.  A new Advising PIN is issued every semester.
  • CONTINUING STUDENTS are encouraged to consult with their primary academic adviser via phone, email, or in person with any questions about new courses, course substitutions, and/or taking courses from another major (requires adviser approval and an eForm).

Advising Appointments

INTM students should make academic advising appointments using INTM's online booking system at

General Questions

Students are welcome to visit the INTM office at Illinois Tech’s Main Campus (Room 4001, Tech South) for advising or to request assistance with other matters from 1:00–5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments are strongly recommended. Students may contact INTM for assistance at 312.567.3650 or To connect with an individual staff or faculty member, please consult directory information under People.

Advising Topics

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