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The entrepreneurship journey can be hard to navigate and is rarely done on your own. Our weekly gatherings are a safe space for mentors, entrepreneurs, and guest speakers to come together and share experiences and help solve that challenges of starting a business.

Anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship is welcome to join. 

To learn more information about the club, please reach out to Shivani Chokshi, Kaplan Institute’s startup incubation manager at 

Why Join Our Club?

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Take part in and learn from guest speakers and during interactive workshops 

An Illinois Tech student works at Kaplan Institute

If you’re looking for students interested in joining an existing startup, browse through our talent engine. Want to be added to the talent engine? Fill out this form online.

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The Startup Studio Library is a collection of 185-plus articles, guides, and videos that can help you build your company from launch to exit. This library can be a great resource for you while you ideate your business model, validate your idea with new customers, create your product, and grow your business through fundraising and selling your solution in the market. Take advantage of this library of resources as you navigate your startup journey.