The Office of Marketing and Communications offers a wide variety of graphic design and marketing services that must meet our two main goals:

  • Increase the overall visibility of the university
  • Working with the Office of Admission to increase enrollment efforts

Before we start any job, we’re going to ask you to tell us which of these strategic areas of focus is going to benefit from your project:

  • Undergraduate and graduate recruitment
  • Friend/fundraising
  • Retention
  • Building the brand/enhancing our reputation to increase overall visibility of the university

Your project needs to fit into one of these “buckets” because everything we do in marketing is focused on helping the university move its strategic initiatives forward.

The 4Qs

We’re also going to ask you these four questions:

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. What message do you want to send to them?
  3. How do you want them to feel when they get your message?
  4. What do you want them to do after they get it?

These questions help start the conversation and act as the jumping-off point for us to understand what you want to do and/or what you want to accomplish.

We never start the conversation with “how much money do you have to spend?” Let’s first try to figure out what you need—and then we’ll give you alternative ways to get where you want to go.

As we work with you to find the best way to get you where you want to go, we always keep three phrases in mind:

Is it strategic?—will it move you forward?
Can it be leveraged?—can we use it in other ways?
How will we measure success?—what metrics will we use to see how well we’ve done?

Services Provided

  • Graphic Design: Brochures, invitations, magazines, postcards, website and social media graphics, etc. (For any materials that need to be printed, the client needs to fund the total cost of the project: printing, mailing services, art, postage)
  • Marketing: If you are looking to promote a program or an event and have a budget to pay for advertising costs, the Office of Marketing and Communications’ marketing team will work with you to create a strategic plan to get to the highest ROI to meet your overall goals.

All projects created by Marketing and Communications for the Illinois Tech community start with a submission of a new project request through Asana, the project management system that the office uses. If you have questions about submitting a project request, please contact the office’s project director, Marty Schalm, at