Social media is a crucial part of furthering Illinois Tech’s goal of increasing brand awareness and admissions. Illinois Tech’s official accounts have a following of more than 100,000, but we’re always looking to reach those who don’t know us. We also want to engage with those who make us who we are—current students, faculty, alumni, and the Chicago community.

We have a big story to tell about our hands-on education, top-notch faculty, and career-ready students. We’re here to make sure you’re on track with the university’s social media strategy.


Facebook: 1x a day
Twitter: 1–3x a day
LinkedIn: 1–3x a day
Instagram: 3x a week

College/Department Account Frequency:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram: 3x a week

Copy, Voice, and Visuals

Content should be witty and engaging—upbeat and enthusiastic. Our next great discovery could be just around the corner, and we want our stakeholders to know about it.

You can use emojis, but don’t go overboard. Always use either “Illinois Tech” or “Illinois Institute of Technology” when referring to the institution—never use “IIT.”

Take caution to avoid language or images that may be offensive, even if unintentionally so. The Society of Professional Journalists offers the helpful resource The Whole Story: Diversity Tips and Tools, with links to guides pertaining to diversity, LGBTQ, and disability.

Posting Content to Social Media

Copy: Two sentences or fewer, use basic title if referring to a professor (Chicago-Kent College of Law professor NAME), or student (Illinois Tech College of XYZ student). The leaner, the better. Focus on editorial angle and big picture messaging. Aim to engage.

Tagging accounts: If it works in copy, do it. If it feels forced, line break and tag account below. Tag companies or organizations pertaining to content posted.

Link: Embed on Facebook and LinkedIn if there’s only photo elements from content team. On Twitter, attach photo and link to shortened If there’s video, see next step.

Video: Native, captioned, linking to a shortened ( Do not link to YouTube—engage from the platform you are posting to.

Promoting Events (Commencement, Homecoming, Family Day, Discover Day, Career Fair, etc.)

Copy: Two sentences or fewer, think of the “content” of the event when formulating copy.

  • e.g. Commencement—Spans generations, Illinois Tech students securing jobs and using STEM to better society, tout families, grad caps, optimism for the future
  • e.g. Homecoming—alumni coming home to Illinois Tech, reconnecting with their professors, classmates at alma mater; tout networking, familial aspect, Chicago network
  • e.g. Discover Day—tout campus resources, speak to both parents and prospective students, the best years and discoveries are ahead

Link: Depending on the event and post objective, link to vanity URLs, like, or specific web page.

Note: these events will most likely have a Facebook Event page to build interest and stir conversation.

Tagging accounts: depending on the event, tag Admissions, Alumni Association, Career Services

Photo: depending on news content and event scope, use photo album recaps, carousel posts and single-image tweets

Video: depending on news content and event scope, can use time-lapse video, b-roll or live photo to GIF