University Websites

The Office of Marketing and Communications Web Services Team is responsible for developing and overseeing the university’s website. After the Web Team finalizes and prepares a sub-unit site for launch, ownership of the site shifts to an individual in the sub-unit who serves as the website administrator. The website administrator is responsible for regularly updating the site in order to ensure the site’s accuracy, currency, relevance, and appropriate branding.


The Web Team provides training sessions to enable website administrators to manage their sub-unit sites. Website administrators can request a one- to two-hour training session by submitting an Office of Technology Services Support Ticket as described in the “Ongoing Support” section below.

New Web Projects and Ongoing Support

To request a new website project or for ongoing support, please submit a Wrike project request form. Wrike is the project management system that Marketing and Communications uses for website edits. If you do not have access to the Wrike system, please contact your Marketing and Communications rep to gain access and training. Please note: you no longer need to email to submit changes to your website project. Please fill out the Wrike project request form; there are questions tailored for web requests.

The Web Team will schedule an initial meeting to discuss a new website project that goes beyond making minor edits, its requirements, and how it aligns with the strategic plan for the university. At the meeting a document outlining the Marketing and Communications website development process will be shared, as will a list of client responsibilities. New projects are prioritized based on their relevance to the university’s strategic plan, visibility, and recruitment goals, and based on project scope.

Website Content

Copy, photos, videos, and other content on sub-unit websites should reflect the standards outlined elsewhere in this manual and in the Illinois Tech Editorial Style Guide.