Media/Public Relations

Media and public relations provide a vital opportunity to communicate Illinois Tech’s unique value and brand identity to external audiences. The Media Relations team connects members of the press with faculty, staff, and students to help tell the Illinois Tech story in an effective and on-brand way. Please feel free to reach out to any member of the Media Relations team with story ideas, as we welcome the opportunity to work across the university to strategically showcase Illinois Tech in local, national, and international media outlets. During a crisis or incident that disrupts normal operations, Illinois Tech has procedures in place to communicate with the campus community, the media, and the public.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to the Media Relations team, please email 

Media and Public Relations Guidelines

Incoming media inquiries should be promptly directed to the Media Relations team. A member of the team will review the request and facilitate the interview process. There may be additional experts, duplicative requests, or external narratives to be considered before responding to a media inquiry, so please consult a member of the Media Relations team as soon as possible.

Many media outlets have immediate deadlines. Please let a member of the team know if you are unable to accommodate a request. Relationships with news outlets are not only built and cultivated by trust, but also through responsiveness and consideration of deadlines.

Designating Spokespeople

When a public comment on behalf of Illinois Tech is requested, an appropriate spokesperson will be identified by Media Relations in coordination with senior leaders.

Faculty are free to discuss any topics related to their areas of academic expertise, but they should not speak on behalf of the university unless designated as a spokesperson.

Crisis Communications

The Media Relations team, located within the Office of Marketing and Communications, directs and coordinates Illinois Tech’s official university communications to members of the press, public, and university community—and serves as the official voice of the university.

Illinois Tech’s Public Safety Department is authorized to communicate emergency information on behalf of the university in the event of severe weather or an ongoing situation that affects the safety of our campus communities. The approved channels of communication include the use of the IIT Alert messaging system (text, voice, and email). Other mass communications tools include the university mass email portal, primary website notifications, backup remote website notifications, desktop emergency alert notifications, social media, press releases, and LCD monitor notifications.

External News Distribution Tools

Internal News Distribution Tools