Engineering and FE/PE Exam Prep

Illinois Institute of Technology is a leader in providing professional engineering review courses to prepare engineers for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and the Professional Engineering (PE) exams. Passing these tests are required to obtain a professional engineering license. We offer online courses for the FE and the PE (civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and general engineering disciplines).

Illinois Tech offers more than 35 different review classes to help prepare for the state exam. The classes are pre-recorded / scripted presentations that review the types of problems and solutions that may be on the state examination. These videos give the full review experience and contain all the information that the instructor has deemed to be relevant to the subject matter.

Online sessions are available for viewing 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and may be viewed multiple times. 

  • Fundamentals of Engineering Intern (FE) candidates should take 14-21 of the FE classes depending on their field.
  • Professional Engineer (PE) candidates should take 12-19 of the PE classes depending on their field.

Each class includes reviews of theory and sample problems. The instructor for each class is a specialist with experience in the topic area.

Our program guarantee allows you to take the program again for $75 in the following fall/spring session should you not pass your exam. However, it must be taken consecutively— if you take the program in the spring, you can re-take it for $75 but it must be in the following fall session. You can retake the program only one time.

See below for an overview of preparation courses offered through Illinois Institute of Technology.

NOTE: Registration may be made for individual sessions of the review courses but registering for the full course is the best value.



Description Cost
Professional Engineer (PE) Principles and Practice $1,195
Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) $995
Individual review courses $139 per course

Illinois Tech Alumni receive a $100 discount off full course and $10 off individual course.



Course FE Majors PE Majors Cost
Chemical Engineering 1 (FE-PE), SC 015 CHE, GE CHE $139
Chemical Engineering 2 (FE-PE), SC 038 CHE CHE $139
Chemistry Material Science (FE-PE), SC 008 All CHE $139
Construction Engineering and Surveying I (FE-PE), SC 042 CE CE $139
Construction Engineering and Surveying II (FE-PE), SC 043 CE CE $139
Dynamics (FE-PE), SC 019 All ME $139
Electrical Engineering 1 Circuits (FE-PE), SC 028 All EE $139
Electrical Engineering 2 Controls (FE-PE), SC 030 EE EE $139
Electrical Engineering 3 Power 1 (FE-PE), SC 033 EE EE $139
Electrical Engineering 4 Power 2 (PE), SC 034 N/A EE $139
Electrical Engineering 5 Electronics 1 (FE-PE), SC 035 EE EE $139
Electrical Engineering 6 Electronics 2 (PE), SC 036 N/A EE $139
Electrical Engineering 7 Power 3 (PE), SC 044 N/A EE $139
Electrical Engineering 8 Electronics 3 (PE), SC 046 N/A EE $139
Engineering Economics (FE-PE), SC 037  All All $139
Environmental Engineering and Wastewater (FE-PE), SC 041 CE CE $139
Fluid Mechanics 1 (FE-PE), SC 009 All CE, CHE, ME $139
Fluid Mechanics 2 (FE-PE), SC 010 All CE, CHE, ME $139
Fluid Mechanics 3 (PE), SC 011 N/A CE, CHE, ME $139
Geotechnical Engineering 1 (FE-PE), SC 021 CE CE $139
Geotechnical Engineering 2 (FE-PE), SC 022 CE CE $139
Introduction, Ethics & Mathematics 1 (FE-PE), SC 003 All All $139
Mathematics 2 (FE-PE), SC 006 All All $139
Mathematics 3 and Computers (FE-PE), SC 007 All All $139
Mechanical Design 1 (FE-PE), SC 025 ME ME $139
Mechanical Design 2 (PE), SC 029 N/A ME $139
Mechanics of Materials (FE-PE), SC 017  All CE, ME $139
Statics (FE-PE), SC 012 All CE, ME $139
Structural Analysis and Design I (FE-PE), SC 023 CE, ME CE, ME $139
Structural Analysis and Design II (FE-PE), SC 024 CE CE $139
Thermal Engineering 1 (FE-PE), SC 014 CHE, ME, GE CHE, ME $139
Thermal Engineering 2 (FE-PE), SC 020 CHE, ME, GE CHE, ME $139
Thermal Engineering 3 (PE), SC 026 CHE, ME, GE CHE, ME $139
Thermal Engineering 4 (PE), SC 031 N/A CHE, ME $139
Thermal Engineering 5 (PE), SC 032 N/A CHE, ME $139
Transportation 1 (FE-PE), SC 039 CE CE $139
Transportation 2 (FE-PE), SC 049 CE CE $139
Water Resources Engineering (FE-PE), SC 027 CE CE $139

Additional Information

For additional details about the format of the Fundamentals in Engineering and Professional  Engineering exam, visit the National Council of Examiners' Web site at For specific information regarding the Fundamentals exam, visit and for the Principles and Practice exam, visit

State Exam Information

Illinois Applicants:

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

320 West Washington Street
Springfield, Illinois 62786

217.785.0800 (for information)
217.782.8556 (for application)

Indiana Applicants:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

302 West Washington
Room E034
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Phone: 317.232.2980

Other States:

Please visit NCEES links to state board information by state.

* Illinois Tech engineering majors expecting to graduate within one year after the exam may apply at the beginning of the semester prior to the exam. For registration information or review course details contact Hong Zhang at (630) 682-6035 or