Innovation Infrastructure and Implementation Camp

Faculty: Jeremy Alexis and Greg Ames

Format: Live, online classes

Structure: Six – two and one half hour sessions over six weeks

Experienced practitioners will tell you the hardest part of innovation is implementing a breakthrough idea, not coming up with it. Our innovation camp is focused on teaching a set of best practices and proven methods for creating the structures, conditions, incentives, and processes for making innovations real. This camp not only teaches how to implement, but also how to set up an infrastructure that makes innovation the norm and a habit, not a random and occasional accident. Specifically, this course is intended to help learners along this journey by enabling them to:

  • Provide leadership on innovation ambition, strategy and business contribution at their institutions.
  • Install essential work processes and competencies needed to deliver a high-ROI innovation capability.
  • Anticipate and mitigate challenges and failure modes.
  • Get traction:  build momentum through inclusion, advocacy and early wins

“Innovation Camp” builds on the format and success of the Institute of Design’s “Design Camp” that taught design thinking to over 1000 design and innovation professionals from 2007 – 2019. Innovation Camp is a natural partner to design thinking (DT), it provides a framework for implementing the great ideas that often come from DT training.

Our open enrollment courses will begin in early February of 2022. Please contact us to learn more about starting dates, schedule, and how to enroll (