Faculty/Staff Cell Phones and Pagers

The budget manager works with his or her department's faculty and staff to place orders for mobile devices, such as cell phones, smart phones, mobile hotspots, or pagers. Illinois Tech does not have corporate contracts with any one wireless carrier. The choice of carrier and equipment to order is usually made by the budget manager for IIT-provided equipment. Some carriers extend discounts to university employees who prefer to manage their services and billing themselves.

Please contact the Support Desk at support.iit.edu, by phone at 312-567-3375 (on campus x7Desk), or by email at supportdesk@iit.edu if you would like to:

  • Place a mobile device order;
  • Pursue an employee discount with an existing carrier;
  • Request assistance with connecting your mobile device to the Illinois Tech network; and/or
  • Accessing university email from your device.