Illinois Tech's preferred mail client for students is Google's Web client interface which can be accessed via the mail icon within the portal.

If you wish to use Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other current or future available client, you should contact the Support Desk for assistance in determining the correct settings to use.


  • This is the best method to use when connecting via the Microsoft Outlook mail client.  Google publishes an application called Google G Suite Sync.  This application will install the MAPI configuration for you. Installation instructions can be found on the Outlook Client Setup page.


  • This is the preferred method of connecting to Google Resources with any client other than Microsoft Outlook.
  • Incoming :, SSL, 993
  • Outgoing:, TLS, 587 or 465


  • This protocol is no longer recommended.  This method does not provide access to additional folders, contacts, and other features that Google has enabled.