DNS Assignments

OTS is the authority for assigning domain names within the iit.edu domain. These domains are for university-wide services, projects, departments, and other organizations recognized by IIT. OTS uses the following naming conventions:

  1. Names must be a text string drawn from: the alphabet (A-Z), digits (0-9), minus sign (-), dot (period) (.)
  2. Dots are allowed only to show domain hierarchy
  3. Names must be at least two characters long and preferably be no more than 14 characters long
    • Single character names are not allowed
    • OTS will consider exceptions for names that are greater than 14 characters (up to 63 characters).
  4. No blank or space characters are permitted as part of a name
  5. The first character should be an alpha character
  6. The last character must not be a minus sign or period
  7. Names are not case sensitive. No distinction is made between upper and lower case.

DNS Usage

To increase security for Illinois Tech’s user community and better support ongoing academic and research work, Illinois Tech restricts access to non-IIT DNS servers.

If you have manually configured DNS servers other than Illinois Tech DNS servers or use software that may have updated these settings, you will have to check if the DNS servers you configured are on the list of approved DNS servers, which appear below.

The IIT DNS Servers are:


Other Approved DNS Servers are:

  • Cloudflare DNS:; and
  • Comodo Secure DNS:; and
  • Google DNS:; and
  • Level3 DNS:; and
  • Norton ConnectSafe DNS:; and
  • OpenDNS:; and
  • Verisign DNS:; and